Sunday, October 04, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ A New Day is Dawning

A New Day is Dawning

A new day is dawning
the sun peeks through the trees
in a blazing show of splendor,
I drop down to my knees.

His grandeur took my breath away
in a winking of wondrous bliss
I stood there waiting for him;
this moment I couldn’t miss.

A new day is dawning
I sense it in the air.
Change is painting color
across my heart with vibrant flair.

I reach for quiet victory
in His arms I find my peace.
Always praying His amazing grace
will grant my soul release.


Adam Zipp said...

Nice! Good work. Must have taken you all day to think this up. Then again... God brings these to you.

Stormcrow said...

This thing can't read poetry for crap but I still feel you babe.

joni said...

Boy both my guys visit me? Wow!

Thanks Adam!

and Steven/Stormcrow, thanks for passing by. Three years and you finally made it to my blog. :-)

love you both!

joni said...

Correction: Steven reads my blog, this is the first time I can remember him commenting. And with JAWS no less.(a voice program for the blind)
I'm proud of your achievements babe!

Both of my guys are extremely supportive of me and my writing. To them I owe everything!