Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ Double Dose~

For Him
I walk a straight and narrow path
this line I walk alone.
No one to hinder the road I’m on
yet nothing is set in stone.
I strive to be the woman that He
has cast out on the shore.
The one He made the perfect way
Until I yearned for more.
Something was swept away from me
that keeps me tied and bound
to this earthly crime for mercy’s sake
My soul to never be found.
I’m on my knees; arms are raised
I beg for you to hear
Shower me in your grace
to make it all come clear.
***I am Forgiven***
Will He still love me
when all is said and done?
the blood of my sin drips
as I walk on sandy
shores leaving footprints
on souls .
I watch as they wash away
with the tide and wonder
will He still love me when
He sees me bare? I’m naked
running to Him yet I turn away
as my shame keeps me from ever
grasping the true love.
I hear the whisper; then the
resounding echo, "You are
I turn to him as my wet tendrils cling
to my face; I run for him. He is my love
My one and only true love who knows
all that I am and ever will be.
Will he wash away my sin?
He already has.
I am forgiven!