Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poetry Sunday

Coming Home

We couldn’t stay in Texas,
where sun and warmth abound.
The grass is green, the trees in bloom
in autumn no crunchy sound.

I longed to live in Nebraska
once again I would see snow
with family all around us;
this is where I knew I’d grow.

A huge farm and green grass
cottonwood trees galore.
Where was all this beauty
in the place I was before?

Nebraska holds a tenderness
a purity unseen.
The people seem to be in a warp
of the old time machine.

They wave as your car passes,
they’re friendly and sincere.
Impressive hospitality,
of all that I hold dear.

Golden rows of cornstalks,
kiss the sun good morning.
Animals wander on the road
without any warning.

I wonder if Nebraskans know
there’s something here to treasure.
Things this city gal holds dear,
with love beyond all measure.

God has taken a gentle hand
and shown to them His grace.
Placed love and gracious kindness
upon Nebraska’s face.


R said...

My mom and I went to Nebraska in 1998 and stayed with cousins in Ithaca, a little town that was all on one side of the road. They had the cutest little house, and I laughed at the Piggly Wiggly. There was a blizzard that year in October and the power went out and we heated water with a tea candle for instant coffee. A neighbor up the road had electricity still, so she brought us a hot casserole.

I definitely loved it there!

Stormcrow said...

Nebraska, Nebraska forever my home,
wherever I wander, wherever I roam...

Feel free to use that ;)

joni said...

I remember you mentioning that in one of your posts. :-)

This is one place that you just don't ever want to leave.

You stole that and I thought you wanted to go back to Texass a.s.a.p.??? :P

Raven said...

Becareful Joni,

You are in the bosom of our nation. :) A place that will make you feel safe and warm. As lively and interesting as the cities are, I never feel comfortable surrounded by all that concrete and flashy social stuff. A neighbor with a casserole or, in my case, a bale of hay to help us build a 4H scarecrow wins hands down over coffee vendors. Noisy buses and power lunches.

I miss it not.
You're poetry makes me think of our own mountain, with its winding roads and browsing deer.

Happy Sunday,



Raven said...

Sorry about the bad spelling and punctuation. I've been working all day and my eyes are giving me trouble.

ugh. You're or your? That one was featured on "Castle two weeks ago" and (,) or (.)?:
I'm needing some eye drops here.


joni said...

RAVEN! Woohoo!

You know, I've lived in the city all of my life. Yearned for the country life. Now I know why! I feel SAFE here.
This is a place where no one locks the car doors, the houses are all watched by other neighbors and everything feels safe. :-)

Didn't think I'd ever be safe in a bosom, though. lol

I'm a blog, I don't ask for proper punctuation or even enunciation. Just you visiting means a lot!
thank you!


D. A. Seko said...

Love it! I can feel your warmth and love. :-)

joni said...

Thanks for visiting Deb!
You all, Raven, you and June are my writing family and I treasure your visits. :-)I treasure everyone's visits because it means I'm doing something right, write? ;-)