Friday, December 11, 2009

Flippin Friday

Flippin Friday...

Yeah today is flippin friday. The day I look back over the week and see how not so great it was. I’m feeling a little down. Is it the holiday’s? Is it isolation? Loneliness? What!


Well I was and still am happy about the snowfall! It maxed out at a good 13 inches (by my count) and the snowdrifts are over two feet! The temps have been really low, too low to go out an enjoy it and I don’t even have a daggone shovel!


Today I’m getting me a shovel! And I’m going out in 16 degree temps to shovel! Darn, I’m sufficient. Instead of dwelling on my aching heart, I think I’ll rejoice in the snow! It will wrap itself around me, cuddle me, and make me feel loved! So loved, it might snow again come Sunday! Of course I think I’m coming down with something...but that’s another story. I’ll fight it.


I’ve got to go and wallow in my own self pity party. I’m having streamers, horns and all! Maybe something will happen that will make me feel like a mortal citizen that belongs in this world. Because right now...I feel like death run me over!

I know....I’ll shop! Get some presents under the tree! Ribbons and bows and all that jazz? We’ll see... I’ll let you know if it works.

Reminder: f2k post coming up!


Ro said...

*hugs JayNoi* I hate down days. Where it seems like everything is pointless and I feel like I'll never be cheerful again. I can't remember if you're a Harry Potter fan, but it's like there are dementors floating around. Ask Stormcrow if you're not a Harry fan :)

Saturday night, I'm going to inwardly dedicate a song to you. It's called Snowfall. 4 part harmoney, a slow and jazzy tune. Here are the words:

Snowfall, softly, gently, drift down.
Snowflakes, whisper, 'neath my, window.
Coverin trees, misty light, velvet leaves, round my doorstep.
Gently, softly, silent Snowfall.

The whoe phrase is repeated, and at the end, we sing Snowfall about 5 times, crescendoing and then getting quiet again, and then the song drifts away. It's the most beautiful song. I wish I had a youtube of it being done properly. But Saturday night, when it's time for that song, I'll dedicate it to you in my head :)

Stormcrow said...

All we can do is take it one day at a time. Yesterday and tomorrow are totally out of our control anyway!

Anonymous said...

One of those days huh? Sending a prayer and hugs your way.

Luv ya.

joni said...
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joni said...

Ro, I bet you have a cherubic voice! I promise to listen very closely to my inner self and hear your through the cosmic waves. Thank you!

Long time no visit Cistern! :-)
I'll take those hugs because I can feel them spanning the miles!!! You know it girlfriend!

Stormcrow, I was sitting outside thinking, "I've never been to an A.A. meeting in my life, but the one thing that stands out to me (having two siblings who recovered through A.A.) is that I need to take one Day at a Time!" We'll always have that karma!

To all...
I got me a shovel and some presents under the tree. I plowed a path to the truck, had a blast (but now my back hurts) but I'm good. I always will be. :-)

p.s. I deleted prior post due to too many typo's! I can't have that now can I? :-)