Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poetry Sunday~

For my Dad and Adams birthday
the beacons of light in my life!
Adam 12-27 Dad 12-30
Happy Birthday!

The Lighthouse of Life

Joni Zipp

There comes a time in life
that changes do occur.
One foot in front of the other
We tread as life's a blur.

We turn to strength and guided hands
to show us where to roam.
We look to our father for his armor
Our haven; a stable home.

He stands in the shadow of silence
Giving advice when we seek.
He lends to us a pillar.
A beacon when we are weak.

On the shore of rocky oceans
His kids are out at sea.
The lighthouse of my youthful years
Was all he gave to me.

He gave me courage to stand afoot,
To be strong when seas were rough.
To ride the ebb and flow of life,
Always remaining tough.

At times when tears begin to flow,
To him I would never bother.
I'll stand ashore and see the gleam,
Of the eyes of my loving father.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Adam. Hope you have a fun-filled day.

Love, Caroline

P.s. Joni, your formatting is showing. Lovely poem though. ;-)

joni said...

Thanks Caroline! :-)

I hope I fixed the formatting problem. :-)

This thing is crazy sometimes.
Have a GREAT New Year!
Be blessed!

Stormcrow said...

Well done, babe! You put one foot in front of the other...and soon you'll be walking 'cross the floor...