Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Proverbs 7:19 For the goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey:
Christmas Thoughts
of Mother and Dad

Though I’m not there to be with you
my spirit fills the room.
Remember I am happy now,
no longer full of gloom.

I left a void with those I love;
my soul it craved release.
I had to move on as God had asked,
so the pain in me would cease.

Often times I shed a tear,
thinking of all I lost.
Relinquishing all material wealth,
is all that it would cost.

The price so small in my mind’s eye
as the Lord embraced my being.
Sacrifice is a message instilled;
His light is all I’m seeing.

As holidays will come and go,
my love lives in your heart,
for as long as my memory lingers
We’ll never be far apart.

Think of me as if I’m there
as hard as it all seems.
I’ll be home for Christmas,
if only in my dreams.

Christmas’ Past

I teeter on the barren steps
away from all the clutter.
Hustle and bustle of parents below;
my heart is now aflutter.

A little flannel gown I wear;
it hugs my tiny feet.
I see the tree alit below
my Christmas now complete.

Giggles begin to surface,
as siblings sit astride
We gaze at all the action below
Our tiny feet we hide.

Christmas pasts, that I remember,
with such a joyful wonder.
My gazing down the steps to see
the toys that lay there under.

Our tree was always brightly lit
Unceasingly on Christmas Eve.
The star gave hope for my future,
a humbling time to believe.

Santa Claus may not have been real,
I clearly know that now.
But something happened on Christmas’ past
That made him real somehow.

I always had a momentous present
nestled tightly beneath the tree.
It was a treasured loving gift,
wrapped especially for me.

It was as if St. Nicholas
climbed inside my parents heart.
They shared their love on Christmas day
To their children they did impart.

What wondrous Christmas memories
I carry in my soul.
No need to ever long for more;
My Christmas’ are whole.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas
as you treasure family moments.
Be blessed!


June said...

Wonderfully worded, Joni! The first brought tears to my eyes as my father passed away three years ago (in December).

Both of these contain vast treasures.

Best wishes!

Stormcrow said...

Wow, a two-fer! Two more beautiful Christmas poems. Thanks for sharing these!

joni said...

I'm glad my poems touched you. I told my mother, "It isn't a poem unless the reader feels something."
I hope you have a blessed Christmas and remember your Dad will always remain in your heart!

I need to build to the Christmas day so I need tears! :-)

Hope you were touched also!:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas, Joni and thank you for giving so much.


Raven said...

Thanks for sharing these, Joni. My own father has been having health problems. I missed him on Thanksgiving Day so Christmas was especially important.

wonderful poems.