Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ Remember the Reason

Remember the Reason

It’s not about presents it’s not about bows,
It’s all about the heart that grows.
As Christmas day draws ever near,
I lost the luster of good cheer.

I dig in the snow, my dog runs ‘round
We both seek for nothing found.
I’m off to a dismal Christmas day
Not much to do nor much to say.

But wait, there it is, I see the gleam
shining down as a radiant beam
it scans the snow covered lawn
it peeks in my window at the crack of dawn.

He taps on my shoulder I’m startled awake
my body shivers I begin to quake.
He whispers words into my ear,
“Have you forgotten about me here?”

I rub my eyes I see what he means,
its all around in Christmas scenes.
“I haven’t forgotten, please don’t leave!”
But gone is the hand of which I’d receive.

I stumble to my bedroom door,
to see the angel perched once more.
a nativity scene is flooding my mind.
the tiny babe lay warm and kind.

How did I miss this glorious sight.
It visits me yearly on this night.
I feel his presence all year through
What’s so hard in getting it through.

Arrogance, pride; they get in the way.
Of the true meaning of this wondrous day.
Although a symbol of generations old.
His birth was real for it was foretold.

I’m sorry I missed the enormous blessing
He gave to me through fact, not guessing.
He is the Mighty Savior and King
In my soul I’ll let the yule ring!


Stormcrow said...

Yup, we could all use that reminder now and then.

Raven said...

I like this very much. It's going to be a hard Christmas this year for a lot of folk, but the best things really ARE free. Take the time to go back to the basics. I think a we all need a little reminder of the greatest gift we received on Christmas day.

A little babe in a manger. And a promise that we are loved.

Merry Christmas, Joni.


joni said...

Sometimes I get lost in the season and forget the reason, but my heart knows.
Thanks Raven! (((big hugs)))

Merry Christmas! :-)