Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me
Pieces of me lay strewn around
always lost and never found.
A little here a tad bit there
I gave myself without a care.

Pieces of me I’ve handed out
I didn’t worry; I had no doubt.
Remnants I have left behind,
never retrieve, never find.

Pieces of me others have broken;
took my heart as a token.
spit it out and tossed it back
returned to me all they lack.

Pieces of me are here to use
often a slice, rarely a bruise.
My beating heart no worse for wear.
Gave it my all without a care.

Pieces of me I sweep off the floor,
returning the me I was before.
I can not hope for things not present,
I’ll fake a smile and seem real pleasant.

Pieces of me may forever be lost.
Sometimes this is what it cost.
I’ll  find the shards, use some glue
restore the me I always knew!


Stormcrow said...

Hurray! Poetry Thursday! You're just about bursting at the seams with poetry.

joni said...

I missed National Poetry Month (April), so this week is dedicated to the love of my life...poetry. :)