Friday, May 28, 2010

The Puzzle

The Puzzle

Pieces all scattered about
not formed, it’s incomplete.
Each one has a perfect place
I strive with vain conceit.

The box shows an image
of abundant life and glory;
raging seas all on top
a flower bed of fury.

Colors clash as vibrancy
shakes the solid ground.
The puzzle wreaks redundancy
boisterous without a sound.

The silent spot of  me begins
to see the object form
I see a scene setting in
the puzzle of a storm.

Whirlwinds just like life
the waterspout meets sky.
My pain in life is all washed up
I never know just why.

Clearer now the image
is all said and done.
I’ll stand here now and wonder.
what happened to the sun!


Stormcrow said...

You've summed it up nicely, well done!

June said...

And when, dear Joni, are you going to publish a book of poetry????

joni said...

Publishers aren't keen on poetry so I'll dig for one that isn't a vanity press.

I asked epress a few years back, but they said they have no poetry editors. :(

I edited Tom Spencer's poetry book (I think the only poetry book done by epress) so it'd be kinda odd editing my own work. lol

We'll see. :)