Monday, May 31, 2010

God Bless America

Annapolis Maryland Statehouse
where our founding fathers worked

Memorial Day - May 31, 2010

When I was a kid, I always thought that Memorial Day was where you woofed down hamburgers and hot dogs, spent the day at a family cookout and enjoyed a three-day weekend.

As I grew, I realized it was a day to remember those who fought in wars, like a memorial for those who loved our country enough to die for it, or at least serve and struggle with the aftermaths of being here surviving and moving on in this society.

I have family that served. One uncle served in Vietnam and had a bad experience; wound up killing himself about thirteen years ago, and the other who is an uncle by fiance relations, he is a protector of animals, working diligently at an Animal Sanctuary. My dad was a Marine, and my brother was in the Air Force. I’m sure if I dug into it further, I’d find uncles and grandparents that all thought that this country was worth serving.

War causes grief on many levels. Families have to let their loved ones go over seas to fight for this country, mothers have to lay their children to rest; wives have to bury their husbands, and then there is this day, a Memorial Day.

When you pass by graveyards, a glance will show that the American flag is waving over the sites of many veterans who have lived, served and died. It is a breathtaking to see all those flags flapping in the wind, a heartbreaking sight to visually put a number on the hundreds of thousands who have literally, died for this country.

Last week, as I threw myself a pity party, I was God-slapped once again into a rude awakening. I was reminded of all that I have as an American citizen. I am free, where some countries are at war, in despair, in dire straits and as I sip my coffee thinking of all I have this day, like a wonderful fiancé, an awesome son, a nifty step-daughter, surrounded by a GREAT All American family, I am thankful that God loves me enough to take me by the shoulders, shake me a bit and then turn me around to look at all that I DO have to be grateful and thankful for.

Today I realize that this is a wonderful country. A country that gives every single human being an opportunity to become an American citizen; every American citizen a chance to be a part of a great nation. Every man and woman an opportunity to serve this country. Sure we have our messes to figure out but each and every one of us need to realize, that our God is a glorious God and this is our life. Love it, embrace it!

On this day... I arise to the beauty surrounding me in the lush fields of the central part of America, Nebraska. This is home, this is my life, this is a wonderful country. I thank all the men and women who see to it that my country is a safe place to live. I pray for all the men and women who have died defending what is now mine. I treasure the opportunity to raise my son in a land where he is free; free to live, express, pray and serve.

May we all have a God-slapped moment and realize just what we have, wherever we are.
God Bless........


Stormcrow said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. God bless America!

joni said...

You probably could have, didn't! :P

Thank you for all of your support!

June said...

...and BLESS you Joni, for the reminder to all of us!


joni said...

:) Thanks June! :)