Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poetry Sunday ~ The Woman in Me

Ps. 54: 6 I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O LORD; for it is good.
The Woman in Me

(c) Joni Zipp
Insanity washes over my face,
broken shards there to replace
the inner me I cannot trace.
I love me all the more.

I lay the pieces on the floor
parts of me wash ashore
the me I was long before
I love the me I am.

Where is she, the fearful one
hiding out behind the sun
no longer in fear of coming undone
I love the woman who is.

Sadness calls, I cannot hear
through the window I tend to peer
at hallowed shadows coming near.
I love the woman inside.

On the cross He died for me
all my sins washed out to sea;
on the mend my soul is free.
I love me all the more.

All rights reserved: copyright © Joni Zipp


Stormcrow said...


joni said...

Back at ya baby! :*

June said...

I love the journey of searching, seeking...and knowing/finding oneself is what it's all about...or a big chuck of it.


joni said...

an epiphany of sorts. :)