Wednesday, September 21, 2011


He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. ~Raymond Hull
“Everybody who is in business with you, in a personal, professional, romantic, transactional relationship with you, is looking up information about you.. and then.. making decisions about what they find about you on the Internet. That’s why everybody has a need and obligation to themselves, to their family members to their shareholders, to manage their footprint on the Internet.” This is part of Bloomberg news

This made me think of all the footprints I’ve left around the net, all the hand-print's I’ve left on peoples heart, and the smudged up mirrors I’ve left behind for people to see. Then I remembered...I am an open book, I have nothing to hide and anything I want hidden, I keep in my mind, brain, thoughts.

I am a person who is honest to a fault. I say a fault because being truthful can get you slapped across the face, maybe not literally, but emotionally. People don’t want to hear or read the truth, that is why it is so easy for people to lie.

Most of all, people lie to themselves in a fit of what I call either denial, self-flattery, or justification. In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Mike said that it is one way, or no way. We can’t do a rewrite and make the Word fit into our lives, we have to change and make ourselves fit into what the Word says.

Not many people are left in the world that are willing to suffer pain, grovel for food and water, practically beg for help in their time of need but we’re in a whole different place us Americans. We’ve had a recession, Earthquakes in unlikely places, hurricanes flood streets that haven’t seen rain in months, wildfires eating homes and the devastation goes on and on. 

We’ve had people honored for going against orders in the military, and we’ve seen total strangers and hero’s pull a young man from under a burning car, by lifting it?

The footprint that I leave behind better be a print that is too big to fill. When anyone looks at my intricate web of work on the net, they won’t find insanity, sleaze and smut exuding from my past, present OR future. If they want my life story, they can read my memoirs. All the juicy tidbits of my darkly lit past will be in there not on some social wall where the robots of the world can pick and choose the bad, highlight it and never show the good wholesome woman in me.

As writers we create characters. Characters that sometimes are pieces of ourselves. When we write a story we weave little tiny particles of our beings in these characters, whether protagonist or antagonist. If you like a character, more than likely you will like the person who wrote the book. If you are really pulling for the damsel, you more than likely are glad to see her win in the end, just like maybe you in reality were never able to do? Possibly? If you relate to the ‘bad guy’ in some way, perhaps a portion of you has not dealt with that dark side of you yet?

What I’m trying to say here is this. Get a Grip! Take a look at who you really are and make sure that that is who the world sees. I’m tired of all the masked people who hide behind levels of themselves that they think no one can see. I’m here to tell you, I SEE YOU!

Get it all out in the open, if not, the many social networks will.

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