Friday, September 23, 2011

Smiley Abuse

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. ~Author Unknown
You know, the one thing I like about having my own blog, is not only being able to talk about what I want,  it is to be able to do so with no legal ramifications. I think I’ve used one pic on this blog in the many years that I’ve been writing it, that wasn’t mine. It didn’t have a name or I most certainly would have given that person full credit.

I use quotes, write my own poetry and most of all, give you a daily dose of realism. Listen up, I’m about to tell you something life altering here, life is not about the virtual world. Sure the social networks are fun, sure you meet people, wave and say good morning to them, but I’m telling you people, after that, it is time to get out into the real world.

I think I’ve badgered f2k enough this week and seriously, this hopefully (no promises) will be my last rant of disgust with the place.

Smiley abuse is something that us abuse victims despise. Why? Because, we were abused, so to see something slaughtered and tortured, plundered and spread like butter on a virtual wall/forum? To me, that is just wrong. Trust me, I take a lot of heat for this, “It’s just a smiley!” they say, or “It’s fun and everyone else likes it!” But, since this is MY blog, I can clearly state, I DON’T  LIKE SMILEY ABUSE!

When I was little, many many moons ago, I had a shirt with a smiley face on it, It was a blue sweatshirt and the smiley was yellow. It was in a time before smiley even had a complete circle around him, to complete him. It was before computers were the IN thing. That shirt was my comfort zone in a world of chaos. 

I grew attached to that emotion of a smile, always being on me because I was clearly sad most of the time, but that smile could make my day. You’d think I’d love seeing him abused wouldn’t you? Well, I’m sorry, when I see him 100 times in a forum post, there is something seriously dysfunctional about that. One or two, okay, five, I deal, ten, I might say whoa a little overboard, but come on, twenty? To just say, WHEEEEEEEEEE! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!

I’m telling you folks, I never thought that a simple gesture could cost me my sanity, because, “she was the one asking for an Angel smiley.” Yes I did, but NOT to abuse! Is there no other way to express excitement? I mean, you’re on a course with over 1200 writers and the best way to express excitement is woohoo and a smiley? Writers? Serious writers? PROFESSIONAL writers?

You can all stonewall me all you want, to be honest, I’ve been isolated for years because of my beliefs without a soul to really care for me. Just because I like order? I prefer normal to chaos? I don’t like insanity? Am not going to embrace it?

I have a life. It may not be much of one, but it is mine. And if everyone is so wrapped up in social networking, forums, chat rooms and the such, it tells me immeasurable amounts about you. Oh...and stop bullying smiley! You are bordering legality issues for sure.


benning said...

I think I'm understanding your stance better, now. *Hugs!*

joni said...

I'm glad someone does. :)

Von said...

(((hugs))) :) I wish there was something more I could say or do to help.

joni said...

Thanks von,
They got what they wanted. As long as they win, I guess that is what it is all about in this world anyway.

YOU have done more than enough. You have supported me, when everyone else left me dangling, and you have made me proud, because you my friend, are now a respected mentor! :)

Thank you!!! for everything!

M. SUE said...

I just want it clearly stated: when I sign, "Sending smiles," the smiles I send are MY OWN from my own face! No joke. When I type those words, the image in my mind is the smile on my face that I would be giving you were I there in person. No "Smiley" from me when I sign that!
As an aside, about the same time you were wearing your "Smiley" shirt, our daughter was coming home from school with the phrase on her lips, but not so much deep in her heart as a little joke between us, "Be nice to me; I've had a rough day!" I'm sure she'd be happy to share if you need to borrow "her" phrase now and then.
Sending smiles~
M. Sue

joni said...

Ah, Sue...when you send smiles, they are cherished. You respect and know what a smile is.

Others, on the other hand, think it is a toy and over used it becomes a weapon! A weapon that cuts right through me!

I love your smiles and don't you EVER stop sending them. They make my day!!!

Thank you for being YOU!! :D *big smile right to you*

joni said...

And only to find that one of these folks who commented later went on to stab me in the back.

Remember, to watch who you trust and call FRIEND!

Mt sanity intact. My health is returning.
My prayers are with you.