Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's all about writing...

Those who are quite satisfied sit still and do nothing; those who are not quite satisfied are the sole benefactors of the world. ~Walter Savage Landor
When you come here, you expect to read about the writing craft, something, anything that my mind can produce about the craft. And usually that is what you get unless there is something really important that I need to tell you about my life.

They are far and few between which I’m sure you’re glad of; don’t need a woman ranting and raving now do you? Of course not, so I try to deliver tips and tricks of the trade, that maybe you can use in your journey to help you with your writing.

I often get sidetracked when diversity hits. Yesterday’s rant is a perfect example. I love f2k, that is a FREE Creative Writing course, that I have been an online mentor on, along with many other mentors, over the years. The diversity hit when things of the unexpected pop up in my face. We have eight classrooms, we had over 600 people register for the course, about 400 showed up, and in the first frantic week, well over 200 posted a lesson one.

Keep in mind, we mentors are all volunteer, taking our time out of our lives to lead writers in a new direction. So you can see my dismay when I am giving of my time, and some people ruin the learning experience, with taunts of food and smiley's.

I’d like to ask, when you were in school, did you have rules that you had to follow? Were you allowed to throw food around and whoop and holler when your friend went potty? The mentality has shifted.

I am all for a successful writing course, I’m all for leading and teaching newcomers and some really good writers, new stuff. But I am not a facebook fan, a social network person, or a child who has time to run around and play. I’m sure we’ll get the great learning experience back within our grasp, but right now, the Social aspect and chat chat chat, like like like, is what people want.

Out of respect to Bob Hembree, and all that he has done for me and more than likely will continue to do for me, I will continue on with this course that I started. I will remain in my room and balance the fruity and whimsical, like Carmen Miranda, all on top of my head, and just hope that the mounting fruit don’t topple.

Allow me to say, f2k has brought many writers into the PUBLISHED world and it is still a great course. I’m just a stiff shirt, who likes the academic side of learning and not the insane.

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