Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lesson 4: Conflict ~ Ironic

 "I am me...there is no other." ~joni

Wouldn’t you know it, this weeks lesson at f2k is Conflict. Recently there has been a lot of conflict at f2k, conflict that I may have to let The Creator of the Site, become aware of so he can put an end to it.

What I’ve been hearing a lot thrown around is the words, “Freedom of Speech.” That term is being abused as much as the poor smiley. I always thought that as you got older, you grew up and matured, respected one another and found a common ground to live.

We live in a country where there are more nationalities and different races than any other time in history. We (the U.S.) allow Freedom of Speech, to give adults (and some children) the voice to be heard. But do you realize, when words are abused, things get shifted out of place?

I don’t know exactly when it all began but my friends and I fool around on facebook, and someone came on my wall and basically attacked me saying I was bullying my way around f2k. A conflict arose. The clique gathered their resources, built their waging war of words against me, and I became the victim of unnecessary, unwarranted attacks, all because of what? Because I said people abuse a smiley face? I have no idea.

Rules and guidelines are set up all over the internet, in chatrooms, forums across the web. But when people start crying (babbling) "Freedom of Speech, I have rights", then you know, things will go down the drain. And at f2k, THEY DO HAVE RULES AND GUIDELINES too, but also, you have your rebels, without a cause!

I really believe it all started to begin when someone posted an erotic/x-rated story. The panel decided that this was not what f2k was about and it was removed. Then the words Freedom of Speech arose. It is not MY writing site and I do not make the decisions, but since I spread the Word of the Lord, on MY facebook wall and this blog, I became the person to attack.

It is quite obvious that those who sought to attack, befriend and support the attacker, know nothing about me, the site, or from whence they speak. Anger and bitterness, hate and threats are just easier, than to come to what they thought was the source of the problem, me.

The bashers, went to everyone around me by going into the chatroom, where they mounted their attacks and viciously spoke bad of me, all for what? I still do not know. Not one person was brave enough to contact ME, in the whole ordeal, which shows me that they are cowards and need to be removed from the site. Or they need to grow up and get a life in the real world. 

I was all set to quit and give up the course that I’ve worked at for eight years, throw in the towel, crawl under a rock, but then, wouldn’t that be letting the evil win? Aww, and they actually thought they had won?

Well, the once successful writing course has changed and it is because of these folks, not because of me. It has taken a dive, and they are to blame. And to think that a mentor stood and watched and did absolutely nothing, except participate? This is truly a sad sad day for this writing site.

We will overcome this. The Writing Site will rise out of the ashes. WE are there to WRITE and LEARN a little something of the craft; not play and breed hate. The conflict will be resolved and we’ll move on and hopefully, those people grow up somewhere along the line, or just think, I’ll have an entire novel of conflict!


shadowlight said...


I'm so sorry you had to experience this. What some people fail to realize is that although we have freedom of speech, that freedom is does not give us the right to say, or write, anything we please. Maturity and sensitivity, along with a sense of responsibility are necessary components to ensure we keep this right.

I'm glad you didn't quit. As you said, that would make it look as if they'd succeeded in whatever was the goal of their attacks. We need
more people like you on the internet, on writing sites and out in the world in general.

God bless you and keep your chin up!

with God all things are possible

joni said...

Wow! Thank you! I thought this was going to bring more attacks from them defending their stance, but like I said, a coward has no place on my blog.

I have many strong friends who stand by me and will not let me down. I will not let them down either. :)

Thank you Marlicia! :)

M. SUE said...

There are some stories,"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" is a prime example in my mind, where foul language is used because it is part of the culture. While I hate hearing it, in the movie it was palatable because it fit. There are other stories where it appears that worse than foul language is used basically as shock value or perhaps to get an "X" or "R" rating, and nothing more. I even question using the term "stories" in these cases. A real writer should be able to create a story that has a storyline, not simply a string of expletives. Actually, real writers do.
That's my story, and... well, you know the rest!

benning said...

Also, Freedom of Speech is a public right. On a private forum rules curtail certain "rights" as decided by the owner. F2K is not a public site. :)

F2K survives, and will flourish. Folks will rethink and re-order. We'll go on. :D

I hope we'll all get along better, and do what we're there to do: guide the writers through the lessons.

joni said...

You know Sue,
I'm a Stephen King fan and in his early writing he did the shock value thing with curse words. Then I read On Writing, and it kind of explained it all (drugs and alcohol.

His recent work is much better and less explicit!

That man knows professionalism.

It's okay, I'm a survivor from way back.

(((big hugs)))

joni said...

benning, won't you get in trouble for speaking to me?

Oh that's right, it was all ME ME ME! You mr. m&m freak and woohoo whee whee man had NOTHING to do with it. Nope nothing at all! :P lol

And THAT is MY use of Freedom of Speech on MY blog! :P

Thom DeLange said...


I have been a member of WVU for two or three years now and you were one of the first persons I met.

At first I was into taking the F2K class, primarily. Then later as a member.

Through out that time I have never seen the things that are taking place in this F2K session.

I've known you long enough to know the type of person you are and as a result I have no hesitation to stand by your side in this matter.

If Bob would like further comment I would be more than happy to fill him in and let him know how exactly I feel about it.

WVU has never been a place to form cliques and put up with trouble makers. Friendships have been a good thing for the site and there are many made for life time. But, not this trash that is taking place now.

My prayers are with you and I will stand by your side.


joni said...

Thank you dearly Thom.
I'm being made out to be the bad guy, when all it would have taken was a very simple PM.

It has gone too far and MY BLOG IS MY HAVEN TO VENT! Mine! :)

Thank you so much for your support!

Joni :)

NurseArtist said...

Joni, I have sensed for some time that you were having some conflict, but I was totally unaware of the source. I have been so dismayed to read the postings in the Mentor's Lounge. Why would anyone call you a bully? I just don't understand it. Not at all. You haven't done anything that I haven't done. I've spoke against the foul language that I abhor and requested that the students consider the ages of some of our students. I haven't had anyone attack me, that I know of. Perhaps they do in chat, I don't know. I don't even attempt to attend the chats anymore, because my computer simply won't cooperate. I prefer to chat by email, or a private talk between two people.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I hope you won't let these people run you out of F2K and WVU. You are such a valuable asset to the writing community. You are always supportive of the new writers' efforts and dreams.
I will support you in what you decide. But I certainly hope you will not quit.

joni said...

Thank you Dixie,

I wasn't even going to mentor this session but when everyone was so kind to me, I felt I owed it to them to do this session.
And this is what I get. The taunting continues, the slaps in the face, and I can almost hear them laughing but it is okay. I Have God on my side. They have...well my prayers because they seriously need them.

Thank you so much!