Wednesday, January 04, 2012



A sticky situation...

Networking is a part of the online world. It is where the meeting of the minds takes place. Facebook is luring folks with the Social Network, but is facebook really all about networking?  I remember when I was new to facebook it was about finding friends, maybe from your childhood or high school that you’d like to reconnect with. I, personally, like connecting with my writer friends and a few family, but I in no way want to connect with EVERYONE in the world.

Me, I joined facebook to Network with writers and writing sites and quickly got swept away in the tidal flow of incoming friends, games, posts, the what ifs and what nots, apps and likes like blood to a shark! It became a virtual playground taking me away from what I came for and that was Networking! 

I joined twitter but didn’t like the aspect that it had a 60 word minimum or something like that. I’m a writer, I can’t say what I need to say in 65 words. I totally blocked Myspace from my computer, only because to me, MySpace is a sexual predators playground. With young kids posting explicit portraits of themselves, in hopes of what? Having a grown man hunt them down? Too many bad dark stories kept/keep me far away from MySpace. And too many perverts continue to prey upon kids there.

Twitter is a word only page and quickly people in my “Network” were following me. These are usually people from the Village where I attend an online course. Through my blog, I was networking as a writer through BlogCatalog and this is when my followers started growing in leaps and bounds, then it was onto Linked In and now I’m with Networked Blogs. And the list is growing and growing.

All this stemmed from the love of writing!

What is different from Networking and becoming a Social Fiend buff, a Facebook Addict if you will? Well, to me, with Networking, you remain focused on a very clear goal of accomplishing something of importance. My clear goal was, and I say WAS because I’m admitting to getting off track when my train was plowing through the worldwide web, my goal was to get my writing published, then to market myself or should I say, promote myself. A study found that Facebook addicts (a category defined by reportedly spending over four hours everyday on Facebook) had a higher incidence of depression and lower physical and general self-esteem levels than less frequent Facebook users.

As I got pulled into the playground-like atmosphere, I realized I was no longer on the Networking track, I was conforming to a Social Frenzy, something I honestly don’t believe in. I don’t like to follow along because everyone else is skipping and looking merry, I like to lead. I got lost with flowers and gardens, towns and pics and likes and shares, until finally the over saturated wall (my life) became nothing but bubbles of notifications. And you can’t turn them off! (maybe another glitch being worked on) Twitter doesn’t have BUBBLES upon BUBBLES of a like fest. With reality biting me in the butt, I jumped off the bubbly train and decided to regroup!

More like, grow up, prioritize, and focus! There’s that word again, focus. Even in my writing course, it has now become a Social Site, with all the pics, smileys, likes and dislikes, (yes someone actually gave me a thumbs down, imagine that!) and chat addicts; no longer a peace filled learning experience, TO ME! I actually justified my actions because I was one of the teachers, but again, the overwhelming immaturity of some,  has ruined it for the serious mindedness of others, ME.

And with that, I move on. I focus on my health, my blog, and hopefully finding a common ground with writers at a new site. I will Network, with like minded people, I will grow and heal. AND walk faithfully with the Lord.

authors note: before you jump to the conclusion that this weeks posts are targeted at YOU, allow me to say, it is about ME!


benning said...

Social Networking is just that: Social. I think you have more impact with a network of blogs - places where you can network while revealing your writing, too - and perhaps adding something like Twitter as an adjunct. I do enjoy the Social aspects of Facebook, but there is a limit to what any sensible person can accomplish there - or so it seems.

I never did get sucked into the Facebook games. LOL

Your blog, Joni, remains a solid exposition of "writing", and should continue to attract writers, as well as interested readers.

Write On, says I! :D

joni said...

You never got sucked into the games? All of FACEBOOK is a game. lol

Nothing more than an ego boost to the low-self esteemed.

You said: "but there is a limit to what any sensible person can accomplish there"

Haven't met a sensible person on there yet! lol Well, maybe one or two...but out of millions????

Maybe I'll start a new blog too, this year! :)