Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Accentuate the Positive

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.
Willie Nelson
In writing, you’re going to come across negative and positive situations. I’ve run into an entire site of negative goofballs that I’ve found, and it is just time to eliminate the place entirely from my life. Happy them, oh joyous me!

I always try to surround myself with a positive flow of energy so that the positive will flow through me and into them, but I do expect the same in return. If you can’t respect me a little, then you are not worthy of an ounce of my energy. By putting a positive spin on our writing, nothing negative can from it. Hand it to a negative and you’ll get a negative return.

Sure, if you put it in the hands of negative people, you do know what’s going to happen don’t you? You will surely be told all negative things about your work. They might say, “This stinks! You really need to work on your writing!” “Well this is okay, but this could certainly be better.” No I’m not saying that you want to hear all good things and praise for your work, but you would like honest feedback and respect, wouldn’t you? You’d like to feel something positive coming through the screen.

In a world where Satan has plans and twists and turns for everything that God has put into place, we need to be a stronger species and become aware and delete the force from our life so we can walk in the Light of the Lord. In my writing world, the negativity has worn me down to where I had never ever wanted to write again. And it wasn’t until I got rid of those negative people from my life, that my writing life took on a whole new turn, for the positive.

Sunday evening, satans minions were out in full force, tugging at me and pulling my strings. As you know of my health issues, you know I am at this point, very weak physically, but have never been stronger spiritually. While I was bonding with my sweet sisters in Christ, through prayer and common bonds, the dark one was swiftly at work trying to put an anchor to the ship that has done set sail with God’s breath.

Are any of you aware of his malicious intent? Are any of you brave enough to put a stop to him that speaks as a viper, licks with a wicked forked tongue and strangles you with his mighty bound force? Many walk on in stride, ignoring his clutch, pretending that if you ignore his strength, befriend him, he just won’t exist or have any input in your life. That my friend, is a lie that he has fed you and a lie that you believe.

I woke in a sweat Sunday morning at 3 a.m., from a nightmare. The doctors were telling me that they couldn’t help me, they wanted their money ($5000 dollars) and to come back and see them when I got the funds. Shaking and trembling, tears didn’t just leak from my eyes, it was a deluge! I came out to write. Still reeling from the negative spew of the night before, nightmare all to vivid in my mind, it was washed away by the Grace of God and one email! “We have the funds!”

You see, satan had wanted to put a halt to Gods plan for me, but he forgot who has more power. God has more power and has surrounded me with a positive flow of people who will lift me up in Christ, and satan holds no power with his negative people and forces!

I don’t apologize for not allowing the wolves in sheep's clothing, to come and sit with me so as to find my weaknesses so they can strike. If by the Grace of God, you are surrounded by the power and positive energy of the Light, satan and his minion folk can’t touch you. Oh, they will try...but one needs to be aware, or the negative force will wreak havoc in YOUR life.

Go with Godspeed... accentuate the positive; you, your health, and your writing is well worth it!


Alyssa Ast said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Positive energy attracts positive results.

joni said...

As well as the negative...but we won't go there. ;)

You have a positively great day! :)