Wednesday, January 11, 2012

See Yourself Here?

Pss. 73:20 As a dream when one awaketh; so, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt despise their image.
Do you see yourself in my words?  Last weeks posts were all about having you see yourself in my words as I sorted out the state of my mind. Although I know my mind is not your mind and we are all different, we are the same in many ways, for one, we’re writers and as such we share a common bond; a string that links us together whether you like it or not.  I know that through the years, many people I’ve known have looked to doctors, and pills, alcohol and social scenes on the net, just to feel like the pit isn’t so deep and swallowing them whole. I have not been exempt. Nope, I jumped right in, feet first, and wallowed in the abyss with everyone else, and must say, I enjoyed it, it was fun!

But I stood back, looked at the pool and it was a green mossy goo and grimy. It was as if the sludge had covered all the bodies and scenes of a horror show came to mind as only the faces surfaced, distorted in a grotesque fashion, and I knew, something had to change. But I was not going to change. I was enjoying myself, justifying my actions, I continued. Until that is, while my head was turned, I smacked into a solid brick wall! Not the soft ones that your mind conjures and you walk into without a bump on the head. Nope a rock solid brick wall.

I was forced to change. You see how these posts came full circle? I went from facebook forcing a change in my social scene addiction to today’s post of  the All powerful God, forcing a mighty change in my life! You might again say, “That is not me, I have no problem.” But He sees in me what He himself created, and I’m not using it so He took action to make me see.

I am a writer! God created me to write and as I lost sight of that, got lost in the murky water, I realized why my face was poking through, all of our faces, because that was to keep us breathing so we can take action and change, or stay covered in the marsh, floating on your back, with just a grotesque face showing.

Do you see yourself here? In all of my writing, whether my poetry, in the scripture I share, or in a story I tell, my goal as a writer is for each of you to see yourself, take a look in the mirror, and see if that is the you that God intended, or are you just another character in a story hiding among the myriad of words behind the masks that you yourself have created.

Through this blog, I want you to see yourself AS
a writer. If God intended that for you, then embrace the words He puts in your heart and give the world a you, that you can be proud of. Share stories, journal your thoughts, learn how to build word  upon word, a story that everyone else can see themselves a part of. Don’t make it all about you. Connect in ways that you were born to connect with. Thread by thread you will be building a blanket of warmth that lights the heart and souls of others, just the way that He intended.

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