Sunday, January 15, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ Soul Dance

Soul Dance
I’m consciously aware of dipping my toes
into the stars yet no one knows.
They care to know all physical things
not wanting to dance where a soul now sings.

My soul is one that loves to prance;
jump right in and take a chance.
Free my spirit that quietly rests
among the earthly peasant guests.

I’m free as a bird that soars on high,
I mingle with lights spread through the sky.
I float on by with nary a care
of dogma drizzled in the air.

My spiritual quest on which I ride,
is out in the open no reason to hide.
My journey glides from idle distraction
into the unknown where rises reaction.

To one I am all and all I am one,
giving my soul to some or to none.
Within my essence is formed a quark
a barrier of light to protect me from dark.


benning said...

A dance! Perhaps a waltz among the Heavens? :D

shadowlight said...

I like this very much, Joni. Very upbeat and joyful. Have a wonderful Sunday.

God bless...

Anonymous said...

Wow Joni! I love this one! Love the imagery and of the soul dancing. I can hear the music and feel the movement....

What a great looking blog background! (I still haven't found one that I like yet....)


joni said...

Thanks Ben, Marlicia and June!
My aim was to get your soul to dance, and I've succeeded! YAY!

Blessed day to you all!