Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Matt. 27: 50 Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

As I said yesterday, to anyone that read my post, I’m in a reflective mood this week.

I consider myself to be a prayer warrior seeking out people who need prayer and praying for them. Often times more than not, that is my entire experience on facebook.

No one visits my wall except two or three stragglers, just as no one visits my blog except a few here and there. Things WILL change come Monday but for today I’m discussing my prayer vigilance.

Today I received an email with sad news. I raced right into facebook to offer up my prayers. It seems that one baby, in need of prayers for the past year or two, passed on to his Fathers kingdom and my heart was saddened.

All I ever knew was that his name was baby Adam. He had some sort of cancerous tumor on his brain and month after month as he won one battle, another would surface. A little tiger fighting the ravages of illness; this child touched my heart on a daily basis because I continually kept him in my prayers.

I watched him grow via pics, I saw him smile, I saw in his eyes a fighter. I saw his mom and dad struggle with decisions to be made, I became elated as I seen him growing and doing things, bounding hurdle after hurdle, then finally succumbing to his illness. I really thought that this little baby was going to beat this. How wrong I was. So this morning as I read my mail, I cried. Tears of sorrow for his passing but also tears of joy knowing he is no longer going to suffer yet another operation.

I went into facebook and visited my friend Sue’s wall to see numerous prayers being lifted up for baby Adam’s family as they have to be hurting enormously. Many prayers of peace for baby Adam, many more for his family and loved ones.

I kept thinking in my mind, “Why this little baby? What was the purpose in keeping him alive as a fighter, only to take him out of this world?” I’m sure we all think this when someone we loves dies, but I don’t know, this baby became special to me since I lost two of my own children. Yes, mine were still-born, but the pain was still there, nonetheless.

I say still-born because I was nine months pregnant with my son and seven months pregnant with my daughter when they were still born. Labor, pains, the moment of seeing and holding an infant that didn’t move, not even getting the chance to breathe one breath. They are Angels always holding a piece of my heart. I saw in baby Adam as a living breathing Angel on this earth.

A purpose. I had said in yesterdays post that God had called me to do something, and as I thought of baby Adam today, I thought of what God had called him to do. I know as a Prayer Warrior, prayers are answered, just not always as WE selfishly want them to be, but as God Himself sees. Therein lies a purpose for everything under the sun.

This little precious child brought together thousands and thousands of people in prayer. With each triumph, we triumphed. With each setback, we prayed harder and more diligently. We were uniting in prayer for this one child among many, and giving all the Glory to God, He heard us. We had hoped for a miracle and in a sense, we got one.

Baby Adam breathed for two years on this earth, uniting total strangers in prayer, and the miracle was that he even lived that long. It was/is an amazing feeling knowing that as a prayer warrior, your prayers are always heard and responded to. Baby Adam is at peace, running and playing, never feeling pain ever again. He is singing with the holiest of Angels and he is walking with the Lord.

I will continue my prayers for his family and loved ones, as God knows just where the prayers are needed the most. I will continue doing God’s work and remain a Prayer Warrior for those in need. It is the LEAST I can do, for a God who died for me!


M. SUE said...

Thank you so much, Joni. We will be sure Baby Adam's family and loved ones know of this beautiful post.
Lovingly ~
"Auntie" Sue

joni said...

Thanks Sue- you kept me posted and allowed me and my heart to be open to him.
That lil boy has a permanent place in my heart.

love ya