Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~~

On The Mend

Often times I felt reclusive
My wandering thoughts very elusive
I needed something, a zest to live
I wax poetic, my heart I give

In my vocal words you'll see,
A glimpse of light shine forth from me
I see a ray shine from the moon
Dancing crystals my soul to commune

Wading in fragrance, I want to smell
Behold a beauty my heart to quell
Tis' not a negative light I seek
The glory I find in the quiet meek

My soul is dancing as moonbeams glare
A sigh of relief, I breathe the air
Inhale all that life has to lend
My soul now finds a way to mend

Tidal Flow
Parted lips like parted sea,
The frothy crest calls out to me.
Singing praise of haunting lure,
Thrashing on the tidal shore.

Words I speak, no one will listen.
Thrust upon the sand to glisten.
Washed out to a vacant throne,
Here I stand on the beach alone.

Silhouette by moonbeams glow.
Stars that dance in a rapid show.
Addled by the echo within,
Silent tone, a barren bin.

Bitter salt rings on my lips,
Throes of pain at my fingertips.
Casting out the abysmal stand,
The soul of me clutched in my hand.

A parody of life’s own quest.
Stretched on sand as sea-foams guest.
Alone am I in the ethereal night,
A simple grain amid the flight.

Life abounds, the mystery awaits.
I sit astride the wavy gates.
Grasping all that I have been shown,
Muted now the truth is my own.

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