Sunday, March 17, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ Is Nothing Sacred ~ Tears

Pss. 126:5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

 Is Nothing Sacred
While walking down the streets alone,
I take in all the sights.
My how life has changed and grown
All is vain in lights.

Where is respect for ones self worth
Where is inner love?
Where has chastity gone from birth?
Closed is the door above.

We force upon their innocence
All vanity which is false.
Lending them free preference,
Betrayal with a pulse.

Children want to be all grown up
Exposing all their skin,
Losing purity the youthful cup,
For pathways led by sin.

No one holds a key to his soul,
In ashes shall they fall?
Never once will they feel whole,
When the reaper makes his call.
*  *  *

Like icy clouds that form in the sky,
drops of pain creep from my eye.
Weightless they form a fluid stream;
life has forced a layered seam.

Tears are like capsules, of liquid release.
Hidden by lids they secretly cease.
The eye a doorway of repressed emotion
that drops a brew of poisoned potion.

Salty tears run evermore
softly sounds pound the floor.
Dripping echoes of seated pain;
seeping slowly a fluid rain.

The tear is weightless in its stand.
Lapping forth like waves on sand.
Going alone down the wrinkled aisle,
seeking to ride the sorrowful mile.

What will stop this rippling river?
Depths of joy I must deliver.
I raise my eyes to the skies above,
my tears become His kiss of love.


Stormcrow said...

Wow, a twofer! Very good writing, I like them both. :*

joni said...

Thanks, baby! :*

I aim to please. :)