Sunday, February 14, 2016

Poetry Sunday ~ My Forever Love

Our First Valentine’s Day
As Man and Wife

My Forever Love

We painted the world kaleidoscope lined
Colors that meshed lyrics defined
A love that grew from words on a screen
Into a forever love a wildflower scene

Everything happens with definite reason
Forever love grows in changing season
Once we found within our shelled walls
An explosive love amid angels calls.

You came running for me, I clung to you
A forever love blossomed; eternal love grew
Too many years we spent worlds apart
Our two souls collided merging into one heart.

We’ve walked through shadows in the dark
Swept through peaks with promising spark
Sailed in thought through the ocean waves
Sheltered from storms that forever love braves

My one true love mends in mind-meld form
Two hearts that beat, keeping each other warm
My forever love soars to infinity -- beyond
Our enduring love shows eternity’s bond!

For my husband! 


benning said...

Very sweet.

joni said...

Thank you! :D