Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Earth

Gen. 1:10 “And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.”

The Earth 

Agriculture and its destruction. 

We live in a toxic world. The earth itself has cancer as you look around and see things wilting over, they are not playing dead, they ARE dead. Trees are succumbing, sea life is dying, the air is stagnated and that doesn’t leave the earth much to live on to flourish. I live in a state that thrives on everything farming. Agriculture is their specialty and with the link above about the agriculture basically helping to kill off the land and slowly the people, as you can imagine posting any such thing as that link is met with angry faces.

I have lived here in Nebraska for eight years now and have always enjoyed watching the crop dusters fly overhead after spraying a field. I never gave a second thought to the toxins they were putting on the field and the air that I breathed in daily as the surrounding farms all placed pesticides and other chemicals on the farmland to make their crops successful. And to think all of those chemicals are running right into the water I drink. (or used to drink)

I saw the beauty in everything until this year when met with a deadly diagnosis that opened my eyes to every single thing surrounding me from water, food, and of course the toxic land. The first year here I adored the amount of Crane that blackened the skies to come here as the stopover before they further migrated. The numbers were staggering in the beginning but with each passing year, they’ve dwindled by an impressive number. 

Granted I still seek out the beauty in everything, I now see the farmers out to make a buck at any cost. That is what the world has come to, everyone out to make the almighty dollar never thinking of the repercussions as their blindness grows and the world becomes darker and darker.

I have families here that think GMO’s are not harmful, that forty vaccinations for a small child are not the reason we have an epidemic of autism, ADHD, and other disorders. The people who claim otherwise are all wacky as the government stands firmly behind a toxic world and gives false statistics to keep the farming industry happy.

I lived thirty-seven years in a toxic city, a city that was industrialized. Factories where the breathing smoke stacks filled the air with toxins that were being released to unsuspecting humans. My dad worked at the Bethlehem Steel shipbuilding plant and later acquired mesothelioma from the toxins he breathed in for twenty years at a close range. Although in the beginning he was told no harm would come to him.

I then lived in Dallas, Texas for six years and that place wasn’t as industrialized as Baltimore, it was more commercialized. But this was my first taste of how agriculture worked as the ‘Cowboy’ ranchers raised cattle to slaughter for your eating. Living in the city, the food was already processed so I never really gave a care about where it came from.
Another thing I didn’t know is how the cows were injected with growth hormones and who knows what other stuff they were injected with. Steroids and other toxic ingredients come to mind. These toxins go into the living animal, then the animal gets slaughtered and the meat gets injected once more with chemicals to keep the food fresh on the shelves. The food is wrapped in plastic and more chemicals are surrounding the food to again, keep it fresh on the shelf. 

Here is a link, it is broad and not a specific link because there are political aficionados that will point out ‘That’s not a trusted site’, so I give you a broad range for your search of how millions and millions of dollars of food is wasted as we still have homeless people and a starving nation.

The disease cancer is just like the food industry when you think about it; millions of people are being led to slaughter via chemotherapy. Like cattle, we’re being herded into the gates of oncologists across the nation and any real cure that surfaces from homeopaths and naturopaths is thrown in the trash, or better yet, voices speaking out are killed.

To be fair, I will hand you a link from the blind. Please know, I am not of the gullible blind who read this ‘scientific’ meaning government approved, mumbo jumbo! But please, be fair and read the comments also!

In the above link, THIS is exactly the fear-mongering and disagreement I’m being met with.

Words from the link. “If you swallow snake venom, you'll be fine. But, if you get bit by a snake - you're dead. And, the fact that naturopaths can't understand the difference between these two means that they are not qualified to put a band aid on someone, let alone treat people for the disease.”

But being a governmental force is allowed to put toxic chemicals in my body? In the air? In the water? Approves of toxins in the food we eat? And *I’M* the one in the wrong? I’m also Christian, is the government going to allow me to worship my God? I shutter to think of the future we are headed into.

When people by the millions turn a blind eye to something ie: agriculture, medical practices, ingested toxins, etcetera, we all become sheep being led through the gates to slaughter in record numbers.

There ARE people out there fighting back and you can see it in the force of organic food being placed on the shelves. Someone, many someones, have seen the destruction caused by man and sees the opportunity to heal a nation. Instead of being angry farmers of all that has gone wrong in the toxic dollar, why not make it right to the human race just trying to survive?

Humans are a very gullible species. If it looks good to the eye we buy into what we’re being sold. If it is cheap we grab it for the price. If a doctor tells us we need a drug to stay alive, we believe everything he says, if the government tells you that genetically modified food is not harmful, you agree. Tell it to the billions who have succumbed to a deadly disease or the millions still fighting a deadly disease. Tell THEM that there is nothing wrong with the earth, the waters, its plants and animals, the human race. 

Some people actually woke up! Some are more aware and need to tell others of another route to go by. Some people need to tell you the TRUTH in a field of lies. Those people are not your government. The earth doesn’t lie! It’s speaking directly to you in the wind, the air, the rain, the oceans, fields, streams and forests’, if only you’d wake up and listen. 

Luke 15:14 “And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.”


benning said...

Interesting, Joni. :)

This, particularly, needs to be addressed: " millions and millions of dollars of food is wasted as we still have homeless people and a starving nation." This nation cannot hand out 'leftovers', etc. because we have lawyers. Many who have tried to give 'gleanings' to the needy have found themselves being sued into insolvency by lawyers eager to make a quick buck. It just ain't worth it, not with our Nation's legal-beagles chomping at the bit for targets. Sorry. :(

joni said...

So where is our lovely government when these 'legal-beagles' are doing business? I'm guessing more than likely THE GOVERNMENT is behind it!!!

I think we're a wasteful nation and would rather watch people starve than to stand up to these 'legal beagles'. It's corruption all around, in my eyes.

benning said...

It *IS* corruption, Joni. Corruption of the Soul, if nothing else. No matter what the Law says, especially when the language, AND THE INTENT, is clear, there are always lawyers who seek novel interpretations, and judges who will accept such interpretations to go ahead. What we desperately need are a few judges who will lean across the bench and gavel some lawyers on the head, then throw them out of the courtroom. *dreamily smiling*

What you want are honest judges, and lawyers who read the Law and don't try to weasel around it. That is not where we are as a nation anymore. Common sense is not allowed in courtrooms. Practical English readings of Law are no longer allowed. The US Constitution is reinterpreted to fit the latest insane fancy. We are no longer a Nation of Laws, but that dreaded state: a Nation of Men. Influence, Money, Power, Corruption are the moving forces, and the Law is whatever they want it to be never mind the clear language.

So when people, for example, want to brand me a far-right conservative, and a bigot, and so on, I simply smile, and I do what Andrew Breitbart said to do: reply, "So what?"

Actually I am, and will remain, a "Textualist". I adhere to the text of the US Constitution, and the Scriptures. I admit I am a King James 1611 Scripture Textualist, but that's not a bad thing, really. :D So I have the True meaning of our nation's government in mind, when the politicians, etc. lie about it. And I have God's Holy Word in my heart when Satan is playing around in our Culture, Society, and in our Government.

What is happening in the world is sad, but it is expected! The Bible explains it! And I left a denomination because they left the Scriptures behind. You and I know what is ahead, whether or not we survive it bodily and are Raptured, or whether we are dead and rise in Christ! The utter stupidity and horrors of our world are not repairable. Lament this world and nation as we may, it will not survive, and we are but visitors here.


Get BETTER!!! <3 :D

joni said...

You sound a mite angry. :P

I know what you're saying basically the earth is doomed but man is not (completely) doomed because they can be saved! Got it!

No more mites! They're pesky pests!

<3 *hugs*