Thursday, May 25, 2017

Continued Healing...

Prov. 14:30 (NIV) "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones."

When people say that all I’m doing to heal this most dreaded disease on the planet is hokey stuff, well turn yourself around, this hokey stuff is of sound doctrine you know? Look at the above verse. A heart at peace gives LIFE to the body!

You see, the Bible tells us to use the herbs of the land. It tells us to eat the right foods and the GMO filled toxic food is NOT biblically sound food to eat. I realized something this week with our shopping journey, it’s not just the food that I can’t eat that brings me down, it’s looking at a sick nation consumed with overeating. 

We’re not just living in an overweight nation, we’re living in an obese nation. I’m not pointing fingers at people or judging you because maybe there is a medical reason for your weight issues; I’m talking about looking out into the world and seeing people being consumed by food, not the other way around.

If you’re a label reader as I’ve now become you’ll see the processors of food have used manipulative ways to get you to buy their product with words like ‘all natural’, ‘healthy’, 'vitamin filled’ but when you read the ingredients, safflower, soy, lecithin, oils. Oils of any kind are not natural and healthy. colors and dyes are not natural and neither are dextro- anything or -oxides.

In biblical times the overweight people were reserved for the kings of the land. The rich over indulged while the poor withered away to nothing. Today it is the poor that are growing in size and the rich are affording the only healthy food on this planet. Do you know why? Because we’ve been manipulated by the system!

People go on diets all the time, they try and try to lose the weight, they use every (processed) source of achieving their desired weight and then in a couple of years, the battle has to resume because the diet failed or is it because they weakened? 

In these past four months, I’ve learned a lot about myself, that’s usually what fasting does, clarifies spiritual insights to yourself that need tending. I obviously needed to be more aware of my health and basically this change in food lifestyle (I will not call it a diet) was forced on me and I’ve learned I have the willpower and strength of some Super Hero of the comic books! 

What I’ve also learned is that cancer likes four things: virus, bacteria, inflammation, and fungus. These four things are the breeding ground for the disease. All four of which I've struggled with my whole life. You add emotional stress and trauma to the mix and your C cells start multiplying like rabbits. 

While we live in a nation that believes in the Big Pharma ways of healing, teaching doctors to slice and dice patients and drugging them, there is a small portion (growing by the minute) that teaches different ways to heal that doesn’t start with fear, slice, dice, and radiate. Why would our people be against the natural type of CURE for a disease that is sweeping the nation and taking out people like fumigating ants?

I find it quite admirable when people are trying to lose weight and better their health. They need the strength of a Super Hero and sometimes they find it in the Will of God, or by giving up what they lust after, one can lust after unhealthy food, you know. People say I don’t know WHY I ate that five pounds of chocolate, or that extra helping of mashed potatoes, or that extra thick juicy steak. They know why, they craved it, lusted for it and became filled with it and afterward they rejoiced but then in their mind, they live with regret as they feel bloated, gassy and pain-filled. I know their doctors are sure happy. 

True contentment in life isn’t about having what you want and crave, it’s about being appreciative and grateful for what you already have. I have a disease. I’m thankful God didn’t wipe me out; He awakened me and gave me a second chance. When people are told they have this disease, do you think that’s what they’re saying? Thank you, Lord? I don’t think so because I know what my initial reaction was and I know the God slap moment I had almost immediately in the following days. 

I have dug and dug, research upon research and am finding quite an arsenal of unconventional healing techniques out in this world that I hope and pray are one day the more conventional method of treating this disease. I can tell by people’s reaction to my method of healing, that this world has a long way to go in understanding everything. 

People say they believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but when someone turns to this method of healing, they’re frowned upon. It’s as if those pedestal-people feel they hold all the truth and knowledge about God and His kingdom, and no ditzy blond in the twenty-first century is going to tell them anything differently! 

Heb. 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I know to heal from this disease no method is going to work if I don’t believe in it and that is one of the main things that Naturopath agree upon. If you believe chemo will work, it works and they head you in that direction. If you don’t believe chemo will work for you (like me) it won’t work, it’ll be more disastrous. I am not buying into the disaster route. I’m following the healing route all the way!

To HEAL you must start with your Spirit. God sent the Holy Spirit to fill us and the Holy Spirit is not just in us to praise and worship it is there for us to find healing! With calling on the healing the Spirit brings with Him, we tap into our mind which is the storehouse of past traumas, events, negative and positive that we’re going to call on the Holy Spirit to heal with us, together, never ever alone! Only then can we think that the change of lifestyle and supplementation will be the powerhouse to our healing.

If you’re fighting overweight issues and not seeing results, maybe you went about it backward; supplementation, therapy, then turning to God. This ditzy blond is going to tell you, that’s not how it works. This is what I’ve learned over the past four months. Much of this is new to me, especially where the Big C is concerned. 

I’ve always been tuned into God, but I gave no care for my mind or body. I assumed things could all just stay neatly in the closet while I lived. Nope! Spring cleaning people! HEAL with the Spirit, unconventionally tackle the mind, THEN turn your body into the flourishing temple God created!

2 Corinthians 12:9 (KJV) “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”


benning said...

A second, heaping helping of goodies has always been my downfall. *sigh* Hard to give that up, much less avoiding sugar (chocolate! :D ), but, of course, it must be done. The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. So very weak!!! >:(

*HUGS!* <3

Carry on, carrying on, Toots! :D

joni said...

And this is the very reason I find myself to be so weird! I've never been a second helping kinda gal! Or crave chocolate! I don't even like chocolate! My weakness has been carb-filled pasta and oftentimes chips! Which of course I am now deprived of. LOL

Try dark chocolate, it is a natural sugar not a processed sugar and just as good. :) Might help the urge. M&M's sells the dark chocolate ones, purple bag. Check 'em out! I know I know...the flesh is weak. ;)

Thanks, Ben! <3

Heather said...

Sadly, we have to fight this food battle on two fronts: quality AND quantity. It is a real struggle, it is the battle against our flesh that the Word talks about. But we are encouraged to be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING OF OUR MIND. How we think dictates what we do. Thanks for another good one Joni.

joni said...

So true. I thought I had already been transformed and He said, not fully yet.
So in four months, I've lost thirty pounds and I'm like, um Lord, could you supply some new pants? I'm transformed now. LoL!

Thanks for your continued support and wisdom! :)

<3 *hugs* <3