Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Choose Alternative

Deut. 3:22 “Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you.”

Alternative: Holistic Health

The definition of alternative is #1. Choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things, propositions, or courses of action, the selection of which precludes any other possibility:

When I was diagnosed, oncologist one and two NEVER gave me an alternative, they gave me a basic death sentence, in the form of slaughter, drugs, radiate, more drugs with only a ten year added lifespan, no alternative! When I asked for time to make a decision, once again, no alternative, slice and dice me like I was some kind of fruit salad being thrown together, make me poorer than I already am and basically suck the life right out of me. “She’s not committing,” is what onc. 1 said. You’re darn tootin’! I’m not committing myself to a death sentence!

Did you know that before the synthetic world of creating drugs to pacify you was made into a billion dollar industry, herbs were used to heal? The map in the link didn’t work for me but the story is well worth sharing. Herbal remedies have been around for centuries. The Native Americans, Asians, and too many cultures to name, all used herbal remedies. It seems that the American man saw a dollar sign for creating synthetic drugs that made people THINK they were being healed but it was really a pacifier to keep man addicted so they needed the drug for the rest of their lives, making the pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars.

Now when people choose to take an alternative path they’re frowned upon. I do have friends that won’t even talk to me because of this route I’m taking, for whatever reason. This is why I’m not putting my vitamin and NUTRIENT intake out here yet because I’m still learning of how each one interacts with each other. I don’t want to give false and misinformed information. All of this information is going to be part of my book so I need to be precise. I’ll explain how I found the info and used it to benefit all of us alternative treatment warriors!

There ARE alternative choices to drug, slice, and dice but you have to be willing to become a scientist, a researcher, a doctor, and a HEALER not a pacifier. You are not going to cover your illness in pharmaceutical drugs, you’re not going to hide behind meds to mask your pain, you are going to become a warrior! There is nothing like a death sentence to have you reshaping the you that you are now. You DO have an alternative to drugs!

You may feel a little whacky for some of the things I’m going to show you, but again, you have an alternative. You can go the drug route, damage your immune system, and for the rest of your life be a prisoner of Big Pharma or go the alternative route to real healing. The CHOICE is up to you. 

What is so ironic is that people choose alternative religions, gods, idols, political parties, food choices (generic or name brand) but choose an alternative treatment for a Life-Altering illness, go against what the herd of sheep being led to slaughter is doing and you’re the one in the wrong? I’m here to tell you, you are NOT in the wrong! YOU have a choice and YOU are choosing to LIVE!

Let me tell you another thing, you may feel very isolated and alone but you are NOT alone. You’ll find a support system in dear friends who will understand the death sentence you were given. You’ll find friends surrounding you and actually be supportive to you in your challenge to live. Keep these friends close, THEY are a part of the HEALING!

I wrote a poem quite a few years ago (late 80’s or early 90’s) titled Music Divine. When I wrote the poem I had in my mind the thought that music had healing properties. I even wrote a few blogs about it but this is the most recent. I believe with every fiber of my being that God was preparing me for this day. Through all the pains, struggles and stresses that life threw at me, God was preparing me, making me strong to handle this very day that I’m facing now.

~ Music Divine ~

Divine is the dancing pirouette of sound
Bathing in the luminosity of space
A bastion of baubles blazing boldly
Rhythm masking in the ticker-tape of time
Reverberating in reverent chime
Compliant to the composer of conceit
Fastidious to the feasible feast
Notorious notes nourish in sync
Melody meets a measure combine...
Divine is the dancing ~~ pirouette of sound!

copyright ©Joni Zipp

On our journey, I’m going to show you ways to allow music to be a fraction of your healing. We’re going to de-stress our lives via meditation on the word of God or whatever you choose to meditate upon it is YOUR choice. I’m not here to judge your choice; I’m here to simply guide you to an affordable way of healing.

While I’ve had to basically beg my friends for money (the majority of my family just don’t care or they think I have some hidden fortune and am able to magically heal myself or they think I can realistically afford the drug route, who knows.) Sitting here two thousand dollars in debt from just getting a diagnosis is another reason to go alternative. Vitamins and herbs are a lot cheaper than the slice and dice method.

I have seven hundred thirty-four dollars, plus an anonymous donor behind the scenes who has purchased vitamins for me and has sent me money (directly to my house), and it has allowed me to get a GREAT start on my healing via the purchase of the major supplements I NEED! It also helps with the organic purchases I need. As we all know, real nutrition costs money, that is why organic foods are so high in price, it costs to bring the most nutritious foods to your food market.

My friends are indispensable! They are with me on this journey and I know that without their support, this part of the healing would not be taking place. My best advice is to surround yourself with REAL friends who really care! My husband is out here struggling to pay all the regular monthly bills, besides what has hit us with this illness. He’s a trooper too, you know. Being disabled only allows him to work part time hours, but the man is totally behind me going the alternative route and fully supports this journey of mine.

Know the importance of having people behind you, this will give you the strength you need on this long arduous journey. In two years you should be able to loosen the grip of your strict, and I mean STRICT new healing diet! In the meantime, you are going to feel GREAT while many are out in the world struggling in pain and addicted to pharma, YOU ARE ON THE PATH TO HEALING

Here’s to US, WARRIORS! God Bless!

Isa. 9:5 “For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.”


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