Friday, July 07, 2017

The Walls of Nutrition

Prov. 25:28 “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

The Walls of Nutrition

At the beginning of my diagnosis, the walls of nutrition came crashing down around me, to put it bluntly, I had no nutritional values. I regarded food as sustenance to keep me going through the day. I had my likes of pasta anything, my drinks of choice were three cups of coffee, one Pepsi a day, and lots and lots of water, almost a gallon a day. Water was my primary sustenance.

I loved chicken in boneless or bone-in form, usually baked and not fried. I didn’t care for red meat, rarely ate pork or turkey, was not a big chocolate fan or bacon fan, but I ate those unhealthy products on occasion. So why was I gaining weight and not losing it if I ate so little? Again, very bluntly, because the food and drinks that went into my body were toxic junk, right down to the almost gallon of well-water I drank each day.

Out here in Nebraska, I didn’t think toxic run-off of the farms went into the well-water but I’ve learned that is basically what happens. All those crop dusters in this area spray and spray and when it rains… it has to go somewhere, right?

When I went to Texas fourteen years ago, I weighed a tiny 115. I was always a small waisted woman, but Texas and Nebraska brought into my life unhealthy eating on a magnified level. I never ate healthy back home but I ate more unhealthy foods in these two states. Everyone around me said as you age you gain, so I just assumed, they were right. They ARE WRONG! 
Aging has nothing to do with weight gain. Unhealthy eating has everything to do with weight gain. 

I considered taking a Health Coach course but on my journey of writing a book titled Beating Cancer on a Budget, shelling out thousands of dollars for a course is kind of going against what I’m writing about. Everything I’ve learned these past five months has been FREE and from pretty good trusted sources, Chris Beat Cancer and The Truth About Cancer. Both sites have an overload of nutritional facts that you need if you’re fighting ANY illness, not just the one I’m battling.

You know what else I’ve learned, every 'body' is different and every nutritional diet is different, and every illness is unique to the individual carrying the illness and their diet needs to be as unique and individual too. What works for some might not work for others, take for example beans and legumes, some people have allergies or intolerance of the little beans so your diet needs to be catered to what works for you. Not everything that works for you is going to work for me.

I have a disease that is tackled with poisons like chemo and the slice and dice method but truly what works and has been documented for well over thirty years, some natural treatments as long as ninety years (but we won’t hear about it) is nutritional balance! The different protocols available to us alternative fighters is amazing, to say the least.

The Budwig Protocol
The Gerson Therapy
The NORI Protocol -  
Paleo Autoimmune Diet

You might be fighting heart disease with medication, my mother is fighting type 2 diabetes with medication, my uncles and aunts (now deceased) fought with the chemo, slice and dice method. What I’m getting at is we all have our own choice in the matter. My choice might be different than yours but health is what I’m trying to achieve, I believe you’re looking to sustain life in your unhealthy lifestyle. I’m just not choosing the unhealthy route anymore.

Brick by brick I’m building my nutritional wall back up. I’m not using the rubble of my broken down wall like so many choose to do via drugs and meds. Instead, I’m using new bricks in the form of healthy food, new cement in the form of knowledge, new tools in the form of supplementation. 

I have a carpenter friend who does beautiful work in his line of business. If I asked him if he ever uses the old wood, the old bricks, the old stuff to rebuild something, I’m sure he’d say 96-99% of the time he uses NEW materials and yes some of the time even new tools are needed! 

Now think of your body. Is it wise to use the old methods of treatment when there is so much new material offered in treating illnesses? We are born to die, there is no way around that, some die from heart disease, some depression, some diabetes, and yes some from cancer. We’re all on the same path, with no stamped date of expiration on our butts. Why focus on ways to just keep it going, using the old materials over and over why not try ways for it to be an enjoyable journey in peace and health?

I don’t want to die curled up in the fetal position, begging to be set free from this world. In this alternative choice of mine, I am going to go when God is good and ready. My solid wall of a foundation of faith will stand tall and firm in the end and with the use of all new materials, the balance of life will come to a halt and I’ll fly away in joy, not sorrow, in freedom, not bondage, in peace, not pain.

Let’s face it… our choice of living all boils down to the nutritional walls we build.

Here’s to your health, my friends, to your HEALTH! 

Pss. 122:7 “Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.”


benning said...

With the Lord as your Foundation the building should be impressive. :D

joni said...

Every day I look in the mirror I say, "Good work, Lord!" It is impressive! :) He's my cement! :D