Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Your Passion..

Sometimes when we write, we try too hard to write a story and all that comes out is 500 words of jibberish. What I want each and every one of you to do is write with passion. Not a lovey dovey type of writing, I mean writing from your heart.

If you have a passion to write, write! Yesterday’s post I wanted to write some writing element for you all to learn but instead my passion took over the keyboard and I wrote what was in my heart.

I often do this in my journaling, but yesterday I wanted to share what happens when a writer sits at her keyboard and freewrites, not worrying about the grammatical elements or the structural elements. I wrote with a passion flaring inside.

I know not all of you, as new writer’s, have this passion but in time as you write a little every day an a affection burns inside like a forest fire igniting words within you that you didn’t even know was there.

Can you dedicate one hour out of the day for writing? One hour is all it takes to get the fire started and if the frenzy flares up to keep writing, then do so. Be cautious though, because writing becomes an addiction that you don’t want to be healed from.

I know as I take my break from WVU, it keeps calling me back, distracting me from my writing. But don’t you worry, I’m writing and everyday I wake and find myself at the keyboard writing something, anything. Even if it is only in my journal, the need to write is running rampant through my veins.

It also helps to have your friends support. During these times it is when you know who your real friends are and who you can do without for awhile.

Now if you’re in trouble with what to write, why not try out my friends site Pumping Your Muse? It is full of daily prompts that you can sink your teeth into and get started writing. All it takes is that one seed to be planted (in way of a prompt or a picture) and you’re on your way writing and wondering where all of the words came from. They came from YOU! That’s right, you’re on your way to becoming a writer.

Now get to writing and come back and tell me how your progress is coming. I know there are followers out there that just “read” my words, but are you writing? Are you taking the next step that comes after reading? Readers write and writer’s read, it’s what we do to get by and high in life.

Enjoy your day in the sunshine and write your heart out!


Darin said...

Thanks a lot, Allison.
You inspired me for mentioned this. Writing with passion is all what I try to do right now. Not just about grammatical mistakes that keep interfering me, but also *FEAR* always become significant obstacles for my progress.
Writing from the heart, I hope it easier to do than said.

Granny said...

You always inspire my heart joni. I was just reading back over something I had written a few month/years back and you are so right!

The things I wrote when I was trying to write were stiff, bland.

However the things I wrote "from the heart" without thinking of anything other than what my heart was feeling; surprising didn't need a lot of editing.

My prayers and thoughts are with you daily!


June said...

Well said, Joni! Freewriting, journal writing, and learning to trust the "writing from your heart" are important lessons for all writers. When a writer "hits the mark" - now that's writing.

Take care,

joni said...

Who is Allison? It's okay. I have to say never let fear win! Write from your heart and it will lead you. :-)

I told you, writing without TRYING to write works best! Keep it up.

And June,
WOOHOO!!! You came back! I'm so glad you found me again. I'm slowing down and taking care of what needs to be taken care of, if you know what I mean. :-) ME!

It is so good to see you!!!

Thank you all for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Joni,

When I began writing, my passion was just to create. As I've matured in my writing, the passion remains, though it is not enough to simply write. I find tremendous satisfaction in the details of the creation. My passion has spread to the thrill of moving along, sentence by sentence, watching them become paragraphs, which in turn, become scenes. The process is invigorating. My passion didn't ebb as I plunged further into writing, it broadened and became more intense.

I'm working on an intense revision. I hope to have it done very soon. Every day I write, read, and revise. Every night I cuddle with a book.

Good writing,


joni said...

Isn't a writer GRAND? You never know what you're going to come up with and sometimes we begin one thing and it heads in another direction. I just love writing with passion because I can work on all the technicalities when it's completed!