Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ Lazarus


The sun streamed through the cloud-less sky
Jesus trudged on, knowing just why.
Everyone sought His aid this day,
For Lazarus was dead where he lay.

“Can you help him?” is what they said.
There he lay, left for dead.
As Jesus approached the darkened tomb,
He looked at Lazarus alone in the room.

“Rise up” He said “Come forth with me,”
“Proclaim your life so all can see.”
The one true God breathed life again,
Into this man as only He can.

New life is given for the truth to be known.
Miracles abound for us to be shown.
The story is told for us to believe,
That our Lord above will never deceive.


Anonymous said...

ah, there it is.

This is a very encouraging poem,filled with hope and faith. It's perfect for this week.

A reminder of a miracle during such tense times is just what we all need.

Beautiful Joni,


Darin said...

Yea, miracle..

I feel it too..