Thursday, March 26, 2009

FREE Writing Workshops

Many new writer’s need an outlet for their work. A writing workshop is the place for you.
There are so many FREE Writing Workshops online that there is no reason that you’re not in one right now. (Well because you’re reading me, it is okay to be absent.)

A writing workshop will help with the struggles you’re having as a writer. The people from these sites are usually writer’s themselves and are seeking the same thing for their writing, someone to read their work and someone to tell them what they are doing wrong.

We can’t grow as a writer if someone is always telling us how good our work is. We need someone who will be brutally honest, not to the the point of telling us our work stinks, but maybe a softly guided form where they head you in the direction of what you are doing right and where you are going wrong.

If you understand the basic elements of writing and think that you know everything there is to know about writing, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. We writer’s never stop growing in knowledge and we can not ever have such an ego to think we don’t need assistance in bringing our work to completion.

We get published by having someone review our work and through many revisions (and I mean nail biting, cutting to the bones revision.) We think it’s complete and has gone through all the ranks and rigors but when we submit, it still gets rejected. What are we doing wrong?

Nothing! This is a dog eat dog world out here and writer’s are not exempt. Knowing the craft will aid you in becoming a published author, but what it really takes is persistence and perseverance!

Writing workshops, I believe, build the confidence up for you when you’re struggling through the revisions. Having that voice egging you further, having someone as a mentor of sorts with encouragement overflowing, this is what will aim you in the direction of publication. Being persistent in your goal of becoming published is what keeps you coming back to the writing craft again and again.

Listen to your writing peers, fix what is wrong, learn what you don’t know and give to the writing world what you always knew was right at the tip of your fingers all along, and that’s refined writing! Yes YOUR refined writing.

I’m a mentor with a Free Writing Course called F2K (Fiction2000 for those who are bound to ask what F2K stands for.) It is brought to you by Writer’s Village University and offered three times a year. A seven week course of some of the basic elements: voice, characterization, dialogue, POV etc. We offer a mentor (for a small fee) to those who want to upgrade and get that one-on-one indepth critique. It is a peer-to-peer course that remains a success in the writing world. Writer’s who completed the course keep coming back because they love the atmosphere it offers, but most of all, because they love learning!

Mark your calendars for May 20th. Registration is happening NOW!

Write Right my friends and what better way to do that than WITH friends?

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Anonymous said...

Revision is in the air!
Everywhere I surf I see this topic. And why not? With the economy in the dumps and the public cutting back on spending, the competition for a place in print is only getting more more brutal. It's important learn all the elements of writing in order to have a chance at getting published by a reputable magazine. F2K is a great way to start. Been there, done that! I made a lot of good friends(Joni being one of them.)and found my way into an incredible writing group.

This class is a great place to start or revive a writing career.