Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ I am but a Flower

I am but a Flower

I am but a flower dancing in the sun
protected by Light since my life begun.
I am but a flower flowing in the warm breeze;
safely sheltered by the low hanging trees.

I am but a flower with a purpose in life
I grow and learn through trials and strife.
I am but a flower planted firmly in soil
too much water and my roots will spoil.

I am but a flower please understand
my duty in life is to beautify land.
I can not be plucked and placed where one needs
I have to grow to nurture my seeds.

I’m am but a flower reaching for the sky
Some days I wilt and never know why.
I need some nutrients to replenish my soul
to make this flower feel beautifully whole.

I am but a flower rained on from above
Given life by His gracious love.
Although I grow I have high ambition,
Remember this rose has a sweet smelling mission.


Anonymous said...

As always,

I've visited for some inspiration. I'm glad you are investing some time in yourself. I'm sure you will grow stronger and brighter.


June said...

You've blossomed, Joni!




Take care,

joni said...

Thanks Raven,
I am but a flower. And I'm an annual too! One of those that keep coming back again and again?

And June,

It is so good to see you running around here. It's spring so my poems will have the SPRINGtime theme. Hopefully. :-)

Thanks for visiting, it means alot. :-)