Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poetry Sunday ~ The Voice of a Child

The Voice of a Child

A little seed, gently placed, into the hands of time.
Her soul was left amid the blooms in the garden of life sublime.
No one understood her quest and often nor did she.
There she dwelt in a cryptic world where eyes could never see.

Reaching out she uttered words, in hopes someone would hear.
But all alone the resounding truth whispered only to her ear.
She followed the path of righteousness the stones of suffering were lain.
Scattered among the rubble she bravely took the pain.

A force of light it beckoned her; the Eden in her mind.
Surrounded by tranquility’s base, with souls so warm and kind.
Firmly standing in the pool of faith while others scoffed and scorned.
No one could see this young girl’s light or the wings that she adorned.

Cutting through, slashing her strength; all thought that she would fall.
Instead she rose above the realm to the place of duties call.
Sheltered within securities cage, no cries was she to mumble.
Awaiting the grace of a healing shield while always remaining humble.

The blessed healing swiftly came; her thirst did not subside.
Spreading her wings, surely to soar; one light her only guide.
Quenching her desire, her pining never to cease.
Freedom stands at her doorstep...she now has gained RELEASE!!! 


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem! And so perfect for a writer in flight. I believe today is your special day?

Happy Birthday, Joni. May this coming year be one of great accomplishments for you. May you be surrounded by good friends and good food. May you always have the wind at you back, but if you don't, may the Lord provide you with a kite so that you can reap the benefits of flight.
And may all the kindness you send out into the world come back to you multiplied a hundred times over.

Be good. But first be bad. You need to have a little bit of fun along the way.


joni said...

What lovely words Raven! :-) Thank you!
She is a my birthday today. I'm not getting any older I just keep getting younger and younger! Woohoo!

Look out world!

Going off to be BAD!

Joni you say? Bad?

To the bone girlfriend, to the bone! LOL

Thanks again!!! :-)