Monday, March 09, 2009


"Let us, thank be what we are, and speak what we think
and in all things keep ourselves loyal to truth
and the sacred professions of friendship." -- Longfellow

To remain anonymous...

In this ever growing world of Internet communication, it is very easy to remain anonymous.

Lurking in the shadows sometimes makes people feel good about themselves. I find that when adults do it, it is merely a troubled person ashamed of something hidden deep within that they have not either faced, dealt with or they like to remain in troubled pain.

Childish and immature, I see remaining an anonymous figure the way the angels must have looked at Lucifer. He’s there, he needs someone to reach out to him, but he is too proud even to receive the help of the angels, for he is better or so he thought.

I often see in my writing classes people using a mystery name, that keeps them hidden from the world. Writer’s are known to use pen names, which keeps them hidden, but is all the mystery needed? What are they ashamed of?

Pseudonyms are good for the romance writer who wants the “feel good” name to match the book, but is a pseudonym a great idea in a professional atmosphere?

Take Raven for example, she always signs her name after posting as anonymous. AND I know that she uses her real name when she gets published. (I know it because I SAW it) ;-)

But when I see people posting anonymous without any clue as to your name it makes me wonder what is hurting inside you so much that you need to hide?

I am bringing forth a blog to help writer’s, while I am far from perfect ie: typo’s, mis spelling and what not, are all a part of the natural flow of, oops, I did it again. I am in no way a master of my domain. I see many more websites and blogs that far exceed my knowledge.

I am here to guide and aim you in the right direction. I see so many writers making mistakes, I am not exempt, that I feel the need to share with you some of what I’ve learned. Guess what, I see some masters of THEIR domains making mistakes and guess what else, their REAL name is attached to their page so everyone knows them, by name!

Cuteypie gives me no clue as to who you are in a chat room, but when I see a name like that in a professional atmosphere, it makes me wonder just how serious that person is about learning an art.

I appreciate all comments and respectfully comment on each one as they come in. I leave the comments open because I’m assuming that I’ll receive the same respect. You know what happens when you assume don’t you? Nevermind.

I’ll keep my comments open for a bit longer without all of the trouble one needs to go through when they are protected. This is a site for YOU, the serious person who wants to be a writer. I’ll respect you as long as you respect me. (And probably when you don’t respect me, I’ll STILL respect you.) That is WHO I AM!


Dendy Darin said...

Being anonymous exactly was fun thing. We can speak anything and noone recognize. But that's not a good way.

Thanks for sharing this. I'll learn a lot from this blog.

Anonymous said...


I come bearing gifts, a (hug)and a bag of M&Ms to give you a boost. :)
You know why most people won't step into the spotlight? Because it means they make themselves vulnerable to criticism. If it makes you feel any better, Lynn Viehl, author of 45 paperback novels, got flamed not so long ago. She handled it with grace and just the right about of bite. She reminded the culprit that it was HER site and she didn't have to put up with it.

Look at the flip side of this coin. "A" read your post with enough focus to find something to crit. Perhaps "A" also learned something useful from the rest of the post.

Doing fine. I'll leave you one of my own umbrellas. I got it from "Q" who said it can repel tomatoes, eggs, milkshakes, and bad words.


joni said...

Thanks for visiting Dendy,

I think the Anon bit is good for chat rooms or forums, but when you're among professionals, wouldn't you rather have someone look at you as professional?

That's what I see alot of in the F2k (free writing course) people start off with ficticious names but by the end of six weeks, we all know them by first REAL name.

I hope you enjoy all the helpful tips!

Take care,

joni said...

lol leave it to Anon Raven! lol

It's not just here while blogging, it is at the U and f2k. I'd like to think these folks professional but when I see Wonderbabe, wanting to write, I think, do I really want to teach? lol

I think I have quite a few folks lingering in the shadows. All that I can hope for is that they gain knowledge and hopefully... a little inspiration. :-)

Thanks for keeping up with my posts! You're a real sport!



June said...

While many authors have reasons for using pen names, like you, I've wondered why people use ambiguous, anonymous names online.

I guess I just don't "get it." I sometimes use "pjune" which is my first initial and name, but that's "me" also... :)

Take care,