Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Health Insurance SCAM!!!!

Okay here’s a switch in my blog.

The Health insurance gimmicks wreaking havoc on Americans.
I have a friend, we’ll call him John. He has PAID Health Insurance with his extremely profitable (not US) postal company. (I’ll try really hard NOT to use the name so I won’t be sued) but this isn’t slander. This is a TRUE story, and I bet one of you out there has a similar story! I would love to hear about it as I fight this cause.

John has insurance; he pays for it every week, out of his hard-earned money. He goes to the doctor, she gives him a prescription. The insurance refuses to allow it to be filled. Now it is not like the prescription is for hydrocodone or some other addictive drug. (which they fill quite easily for the drug crazed society.) This is a generic medication for his EYESIGHT!

A little back-story: John has had a cornea transplant in his left eye. He has lost sight in his right eye and will need a transplant in that eye too. An infection arose in his left eye last year. It put him out of work for five months! BUT the doctor placed him on a medication that he will need to take to keep the infection from coming back. He needs to see, to work.

So what about the insurance?

The insurance company thought it would be ‘cheaper’ if you were no longer allowed to get the prescription from the pharmacy and it became a mail order between you and this ‘Prescription Benefit Plan’ that the insurance company funds? And you need to order (if it is a frequently used med) for a THREE MONTHS SUPPLY! (costly, need I say more?)

So where is the problem? You send them your prescriptions, they verify through the doctor’s? Then send out your prescriptions in bulky boxes, lined with either bubble-wrap or foam, and it is in your hands in a week! A week? Can you wait that long for your medicine?

Here is the problem: John sends in his prescription. One time it was his asthma medication. They switched the prescription without notifying him OR the doctor! It went from a $25 co-pay to a $50 co-pay. Then he sent in his dermatology prescription, they said he orders it too much and refused to fill the prescription (even though it was prescribed BY HIS DOCTOR! )

Then this recent bit of ILLEGAL DECEPTION on their part. John orders his medicine for his eye. (remember he NEEDS this to keep infections at bay) Two weeks pass. John is without his medication. No pills arrive. What does arrive? AN EYE INFECTION festering in his left eye. Returned because no medication was in his system to fight it off.

He goes to the doctor, gets a new prescription, goes to the pharmacy. They can’t fill it! The insurance company says a prescription has already been filled and he can’t have more that an ‘x’ amount in a three month period. He calls the idiotic prescription place.

They tell him they sent it. He says it never arrived. They say they’ll re-send it. He says he has developed an infection because it hasn’t arrived and he needs his medicine NOW, to begin treatment.

"I’m sorry sir, the computer shows it has been mailed out."

"To where?" John yells, "I haven’t received anything"

They go on to list his address and it is one that he lived at OVER a year ago! Where they came up with that info is beyond me!
John says to the ‘people’,

"Don’t you understand, I’m out of work, I can’t see, and it is because of YOUR mistake that I’m in this predicament?"

"I’m sorry sir but the computer says…"

CLICK~ John angrily hangs up the phone.

A week passes, John goes back tot he doctor and is told he needs to be out TWO MORE WEEKS! He gets a new prescription written, and guess what? The ‘people’ at the ‘Prescription Benefit Place’ call that same day and say, "We can send out your prescription now, sir."

"He said, "No thank you, I can get it cheaper at WALMART without my insurance!!!!"


$4 is what he’ll pay with NO insurance card! GO WALMART!!!

I say knock those bastards off their high horse of sucking the medicine industry for every penny! Maybe they’ll wake up when they have NO people who use them? They take peoples illnesses into their own hands and they have NO AUTHORITY to do so. They have no medical degree in medicine, so who are they to refuse medicine that a doctor prescribes? This is the illegal activity going on behind our hard working citizen’s backs!

His doctor is behind him 100% ! Her words and I quote, "You’d think we lived in a third world country."

What a sad day America, what a sad day.

Any comments on this matter? Lawyers? Opinions??? I’d love to hear from YOU!

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