Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teenage Prostitution

Teenage Prostitution?

Well it looks like my Dallas bashing days are not over yet. (read former posts.) This morning I woke up to watch the morning news and what did I find? Everything I’ve thought Dallas to be since coming here five years ago.

I was born and raised back east and the prospects of coming to such a big state as Texas was intimidating to say the least. I expected the warm southern hospitality that I had heard of, the cowboy’s roaming the ranches, the big buildings etc., etc.

Upon my very first day in Dallas I was smacked in the face with the sleaze. Five years later the sleaze is more prevalent than ever and apparently no one is willing to clean up the mess. Sure the police try but this is going to be one long fight for the police, for the politicians (when they can’t even clean up their own mess!) and for the innocent unheard voices.

There was a prostitution ring bust last evening. Yeah sure, they have them all the time, but this one stood out and is speaking VOLUMES for the way Dallas Texas truly IS! This sleazy prostitution ring was led by a 13 year-old child! She was bringing in girls from her (kindergarten) class to prostitute themselves. (She was considered the madame.)

I was thinking. What on earth was this child thinking? What was the BAR where they were busting these kids thinking? Allowing children to dance then sell themselves to perverts? Oh but that’s right, this is Dallas, the town of smut!

This is the place where mothers ALLOW their teenage girls to stand out on street corners in their bikini’s waving signs that say, ‘FREE CAR WASH’. When the signs are placed appropriately it looks as if the daggone children are NAKED behind those signs.

Is the car wash FREE? Of course not, it is just a sleazy ploy to get perverts to look, pull over, and WATCH these young girls wash the car.(And to 'donate' to charity mind you.) Is this sick or is it just me who believes this is unacceptable? These girls are barely through puberty, and yet they are encouraged to stand on street corners? Businesses allow this type of child perversion because it might draw customers to their business? The almighty dollar wins over morality!

So once again, child molestation (ON ANY LEVEL) is acceptable here!!! Now I know why the women in Dallas wear hardly any clothes. They’re exhibitionist who love to display whatever it is they have and hand the ‘crown’ to younger and younger children. (They’ll claim it’s because it is hotter than hell here.) But I say, no this IS HELL! This is the lair of all demons and the people love it.

Is this what Southern Hospitality is all about?
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