Monday, March 10, 2008

Sex on the Net

-Sex on the Internet-

"Can you meet me" he offers in a kind warm offering of words. "I’d love to meet you and help you with all your problems."

This is what the predator wants our young children to think anyway. That he, and he alone, can help them. But when a grown man offers to help a young child on the internet, we all know what is going to happen next. They find her nude body bludgeoned to death in a ditch somewhere.

"Hi, my name is Ginny, I’m 14." the young girl goes on to say. She continues posting all her info on a site that teens frequent. I won’t name the site because I feel they’ve already gotten enough PR recently with the barrage of predators scanning their site. These predators are slithering onto the site seeking young children to abuse. The unsuspecting children are way to eager to give up all their information and phone numbers, even the extent of their home addresses to these online perverts.

In recent months the Dallas area has taken action against these predators, sitting on the site scanning, posing as teens. I hope the predators are ready for the influx of police involvement. This is what it takes to help save our children. It is a sad day in history for sure, when we can’t send our kids outside without worrying when the next predator will be living or wallowing in our neighborhoods. Now we have to worry about their safety in our own homes?

The internet is a place for knowledge, yet in man’s sickness to be "free", he steals and robs from the innocent. There is a plague looming across the world. No it’s not bird flu; it’s not a vicious illness attacking our immune system. It is man/woman and their need to fulfill a desire.
Are we so consumed with sex that we’ll get it at ANY cost? Whether it is to our marriage (man surfing porn, wife finds out, file’s for divorce) the cost of our children (he’s safe in the home on the computer.)

The teen who wants to be popular (posts her provocative picture for all the world to see, to fit in) the boy who sees a web cam as an innocent connection to web friends (predators offer him money to expose his chest, thighs, genitals!)

Yes siree, this is what America has come to. Freedom of speech has turned into FREEDOM TO EXPLOIT!
And we do nothing, in silence we sit, barricaded in our offices, ignoring our children, our family, our REALITY.

Wake up America…the plague is in your back yard, your home!

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