Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty...

It is so refreshing to hear that natural beauty has won over the false images that we humans are inundated with. (even if it is only temporary)

When I hear (read) comments like… "My husband said, 'You always look so fresh!" That made my heart skip a beat! It shows that men are not as taken in by the false images that they are being smacked in the face with. They actually see through the botox, the fake boobs, the way too skinny bodies and deceitful promotion of "beauty".

In an age where "thin is in", anorexia in teen-age girls is at an all time high, and bolimia is another form of a liquid diet. It’s a sad day when the media has pressured these young girl’s, who know no better, into a life of believing that they will never be loved unless they are thin, fake, cardboard cut-out images and beautiful.

Many will say it’s up to the parents to teach these girls what is right and wrong, but how many teen girls actually listen to their parents in this matter? They look to their peers, the magazines, television, and countless other things before they listen to their moms and dads.

When a mom says, "That is not acceptable" (too much make-up, navel piercing, tattoo’s, etc.) The child then throws a tantrum claiming her parents ‘are like way too strict’ and ‘way uncaring,’ they then begin to take matters into her/his own hands, and does the exact opposite of what mom/dad said!

How can we teach them that natural beauty has longevity and fake beauty has its end? (Does Michael Jackson’s facial meltdown ring a bell?) How do we raise young children to believe in love when they are not given it? Many kids are from split families and it is hard being a stern parent knowing there are so many influences out in the world waiting to target them. That is just what they are, easy targets, sitting ducks, lame dames in the cesspool of life.

Being an involved parent means being strict. Tell your daughter often that she is beautiful from a very young age, before the make-up age. Tell your sons to respect the NATURAL beauty in girls. Teach them to find their inner beauty and carry it out into the world where everyone can behold it in all its glory. Stop purchasing the "cool must have clothes." Teach them to respect themselves by developing their own style!

I see so many young girls (aged 5-9) wearing mini-skirts, halter tops, knee high boots, and yes even make-up. (hey, its Dallas, anything goes here) But why are the parents allowing this? This I don’t even begin to understand or comprehend! But when a child molester has his eye on these young girls, why do the mother’s wonder why?

Thank heaven for natural beauty! Because it is something each and every one of us have! It can’t be bought off a rack, or a doctor’s office. It’s the most beautiful thing gracing the world in which we live and the only saving grace that we have in ever redeeming this immoral society.

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