Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baggy Pants Syndrome

The Baggy Pants Syndrome

Dallas is trying to ban baggy pants. What a joke! They want to ban young boys from wearing their pants around their thighs while boxer’s hangs over them. They (the city council board) wants to ban the baggy pants on these kids and it is like telling children what to wear, when to wear it and in front of who they can wear these clothes. Like putting candy in their faces and saying, "don’t eat it."

I understand not wanting the clothing to be worn in schools as having these butts hanging out may become a distraction and a hindrance in an emergency, where the child is tripping all over himself in trying to flee the school in a fire.

Also, there has been a cleavage issue in the schools. Girls can not wear clothes to school that expose any cleavage, or belly baring jeans. These issues are understandable in a school, but the council wishes to enforce a law where kids will be ticketed for wearing these baggy pants OUTSIDE of school!!!
But do they want to ban the girl's cleavage and belly baring outside of school?
Talk about double standards! Dallas, the only state I know of that ADVERTISES 24 hour porn shops on HUGE billboards, ADVERTISES Gentleman’s clubs (strip clubs) and also allows bare breasted lingerie wearing women to grace the billboards to distract motorist while trying to drive.

Why doesn’t the council fight for a cleaner image on those billboards? Why go after the kids? We’re teaching them the wrong things by allowing these semi-porn billboards to expose just what they want banned!
Oops, wait, they only want to ban the young men from wearing those pants, not ban women from boasting a life in a strip-club. (oops again, exotic dancing) bahaahaahaahaa

I wonder if the President drives down I35 and loves looking at his city in this light? I’m wondering why HE doesn’t get in on the action of what his sloppy town has become. Is he to busy sending kids off to get killed?
Is censuring the baggy pants going to stop the downfall of morality in America? Is this the start that all mother’s and pedestrians have wanted?

Sure, I think it is sad to see men wearing their pants around their knees, stumbling as they try to walk. It’s pretty funny though to watch because they look like bumbling fools and they don’t even seem to be aware that they look like the latest craze in ‘Clowns Escaping from the Circus.’
Maybe we should target the media circus and leave teens alone to allow them to ‘find’ themselves. Finding themselves on America’s Most Wanted list might not be what they have in mind, but heck to much over-exposure is bound to lead you somewhere in life right?

Look where it has led America!


benning said...

I doubt the laws will be passed, or if they are that they will be enforced. Hell, if the twits want to look like idiots, why not? (I refer to the baggy-pants kids as well as the politicos)

Believe it or not the US President has nothing to say over what happens in any particular city. He ain't got the power or authority. Billboards are a scourge all across America but they're nearly impossible to ban. They're ugly, but people do look at them and do pay attention to them. So until something better comes along ... billboards will continue to blight our landscape.

joni said...

These are certain districts in Texas that are 'trying' to pass the law. (still in the trying stages!)

As for the billborads? I'm only opposed to sexually explicit ones! I notified a newspaper, made my voice heard. (and many blog entries around the web, and papers here in Dallas, etc.)

I don't know if I've had any effect, but let me say, when I first wrote the tiny op piece there was about 15 bb that I was extremely opposed to. (strip clubs, and the xxx porn shops)

Now, (since Hillary and Osama, I mean Obama) visited Dallas Texas, the strip clubs BB have all but disappeared (I think there was one and it was way off the MAIN highway) and not sign of the xxx porn shop ad!

I'd like to think my VERY VOCAL 'one voice' made a difference but more than likely it was the elected people who visited that made Dallas clean up their act!

The Dallas motto is "Don't mess with Texas", Meaning litter, well I say "Don't mess with people's MINDS!" Then I won't HAVE to trash your city! :-)