Monday, March 24, 2008

The Time Change!!!

Is your body used to the time change yet? Mine isn’t. My dog isn’t used to it and my school-aged son isn’t adjusting to the new curfew that well either. Sure he gets another hour to play outside, but he still has to come in before the sun sets in the western sky.

What time does the sun set? Well, here in Texas just three weeks ago, the sun was rising about 7:30 and setting at 7:30. But that has since changed in a few short weeks. It now rises about 7ish, setting gracefully about 8ish.

Some people like the longer days, while others dread the long drawn out days. (I’m one of them.) By a simple estimation, I figure by June the sun will rise around 6 AM and will set at 9:30. Is this normal to the human body? Sure I like sunlight but are we coming into an age where we will no longer have nighttime?

I was never for daylight savings time, but I’m so glad that a few voices out there got the little bill passed, giving us longer days and in the process the NEED to over-use our air conditioners. (Longer days mean the longer the sun beads on your roof, heating it intensely, thus the need for longer air-conditioner use.)

Who in their right mind wants extended heat-filled days? What is so ironic is that no one had a choice in the matter. The government sits on their high and mighty horses with nothing better to do but to suck America dry. And that is exactly what the longer days will do, suck the moisture right out of the ground rendering it parched to the core.

The government is playing God, or trying to play Russian roulette with the earth. They say they want to put Global Warming practices into affect but then they choose to set our clocks up a month earlier? How is this helping with our Global Warming? How is this going to SAVE energy?

It isn’t! And they wonder why we’re in a recession? They keep trying to play God and realizing that it is a tougher job than they anticipated. Our US government has toyed with Mother Nature and now as the after affects of uprooting what Nature has set in place, Nature is unleashing her/his fury upon us, the wee little humans of society.

With raging floods, unprecedented snowfall amounts, tornado’s numbering the hundreds in February, lightning strikes more prevalent, what is the world coming to, an end? No, I’m not liking the time change. I’m not liking the change it makes people go through, and I’m not liking it forced on me.

I’m hoping by October, the big old government realizes their mistake and just leaves the freaking time alone! Maybe with an unprecedented hurricane season, mass destruction, the loss of innumerable lives, MAYBE the government will find a way to stop death or turn back time! Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

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