Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free Writing Course!

F2K is a six-week online FREE writing course.

A free writing workshop will be coming to the Internet near you very soon. Writers Village University and the honorable R.J. Hembree are bringing the six-week course to you. I say honorable because he has given to the writing community more than they can ever imagine.
Through his University I have seen people come and go, stay and never want to leave. If you are committed to the writing craft, you’ll stay and eventually find yourself down a winding path to publishing.

Writer’s Village has spawned a lot of writer’s who have had their stories worked on in a workshop and the stories went on to become published novels. Short Stories have found their way into the magazines and other online venues making the Village a hidden success story.

To the left where you’ll see my "My Friends" links, click on these to see some of the success stories coming out of WVU. Many of these authors who are currently in WVU have gone onto become a published author but they remain dedicated members so they can help new budding writers find success in the craft of writing.

Don’t be intimidated because they are ‘published’. Remember they were where you are now. They too were undecided where the writing life was going to take them and here they are ready to aid and assist the newcomer.

You do not need to be a member of Writer’s Village University to take this FREE course. It is FREE! No strings attached!

You WILL learn:
Week 1 Character introduction
Week 2 Activating the senses
Week 3 POV (point of view)
Week 4 conflict
Week 5 characterization
Week 6 plot/theme

Watch my blog closely as I announce its arrival. If you’re interested in writing, not sure if you want to be a writer, or if you just want to have some FUN writing, you might want to give this course a try. Experienced mentors are on hand to guide you along the way and the best thing is, it’s FREE!

Are you game?


Anonymous said...

It's a terrific course. Many of the writers I met in this class are still on site and working hard towards greater things.
The mentors are wonderful. (smiles to Joni) and the assignments really touch upon elements a writer needs to polish his/her skills.

I took the class and signed up for the site after the class finished.


joni said...

Raven :-)

I discovered you remember that! lol

All others may try to lay claim to it but it was *I* who saw something extremely special in you and you continue to prove me right!

And I'll go on discovering with this next segment and bring to the world yet ANOTHER awesome light!

Shine on girlfriend!


Anonymous said...

You are indeed a very powerful inspiration, Joni! Whoever gets you for a mentor in F2K will be extremely lucky. There is nothing as valuable as someone who believes in you.

Oh, ps. I finished the Magu Saga. It's been put into suspension for a little while so I can take a break and come back for the revision.