Thursday, September 11, 2008

In memory of September 11

September 11

I cradled my morning coffee,

my eyes they struggled to see,

a horrific terrible tragedy,

unfolding in front of me.

Today’s background clutter,

seemed to take a second stance,

scrambling cameras everywhere,

gave rise to a deeper glance.

A plane had hit a building,I

couldn't believe my eyes,

the horror of a gaping wound,

of such an enormous size.

By now I'm jolted wide awake,

something was just not right.

I witnessed the impact yet again,

on the twin without a fight.

Billowing smoke and fragments

scattered all around.

People frozen in a spot,

as objects fall to the ground.

Reports of other targets,

were coming into view.

My tear-filled eyes wondered

what this world was coming to.

In merely a matter of moments,

my blurry eyes did see,

heroes rushing into the scene,

as workers fought to flee.

The crumbling of a building,

number two not far behind.

The crashing of plane three and four

had stupefied my mind.

I couldn't feel my fingers;

a wounded numbness arose,

I sat in total disbelief,

from my head down to my toes.

Longing to be shaken,

from this nightmare that is real.

My body shrouded in emptiness,

as I buckled to a kneel.

I prayed for love-torn strangers,

whose faces were racked in fear.

I longed for welcome solace,

through the shedding of a tear.

The aroma of terror lingers,

as I'm trembling to the core.

I long for the taste of freedom,

which I sense will be no more.

A sleeping nation awakened,

by trumpets sounding in heaven.

Altering our lives forever,

on the day of September eleven.

Copyright© Joni Zipp


Anonymous said...

This has so much feeling and emotion. It's hard to say it's beautiful when it's about something so horrible. That's something strange. It's touchy.

I remember on September 11th I was at a hospital, a television was on with the sound off. I was sitting there with an empty mind when all of a sudden I see the first plane hit the first tower. I thought: "Wow! Those are really good special effects. How can they do that?" Later on I learned the part of the movie I had seen was real.


joni said...

And it's hard to believe it has been seven years. Feels just like yesterday. The emotions are still as raw as that very day.

Iwrote this that morning so as to help relieve some of the stress I went through, it helped a teensy bit. Writing always does.


Anonymous said...

Well girl, I never count years, don't you know it's a bad habit? Bad Joni! You mean you wrote that THAT morning? I see now! It's incredible all the emotion that words can transmit. Now I understand the feeling I got, it was so vivid, coming from the words. It's nice Joni, very touchy.