Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poetry Sunday!

Mystical Waterfall

Walking to the waters crest
the sound of a spraying shower.
There amid the foliage guest
belies a hidden bower.

Stretching along the waters edge
within this cove I’ve found.
The moistened place no longer hid
with its forceful rushing sound.

My clothes I peel and lay aside
to wade this peaceful setting.
I now become the water's bride
the fall my face is wetting.

My head tilts back just a bit
cascading water flows.
In this steaming abode I sit
away from worldly woes.

Serenity has a hold on me.
May its presence never cease.
Here alone to freely be
I’m one with intimate peace.

copyright © Joni Zipp


Anonymous said...

It's refreshing!
Thanks for sharing again.

Anonymous said...

Very relaxing, joni.

I wish I'd been able to drop in on Sunday when I could have used a little peace.

Guess it's never too late for a break. :)

Very nice.