Thursday, September 04, 2008

Self Esteem of a Writer ~101st post!

Congrats to me on my 101st post!!! I AM a WRITER!

Self esteem is like a fragile flower, when not nurtured it will wither and die. Like any writer you have self esteem that is either confident or opportunistic, or faltering and down.

In the dictionary self-esteem is defined as a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. Did you read that? You need to have a favorable RESPECT for oneself. Sure there are people who will try to whittle away at your esteem by bringing in negative energy, but are you going to allow those negative thoughts to invade your life as a writer?

Sometimes as writers we need to re-affirm our self-esteem. How do you go about bringing in positive energy to affirm your esteem as a writer? Well you need to do a reaffirming self-examination. Look at your work. Read your work, LOVE your work. Don’t misjudge yourself by being too harsh.

Notice the different stages of your writing. When you began writing can you see a marked difference in the way you write now? Especially after getting tons of information (from my blog) and other places around the net, the library, writing workshop’s etcetera.

Now compare your work with the average Joe. Don’t try and emulate Tolkien, or Wordsworth, compare yourself to your fellow writer and see where you measure up. If you think you stink and other people do too, then work even harder at studying the craft.

Take an intimate look at where you’ve been, know where it is that you want to go and come alive with who you ARE as a writer. A good writer writes and he or she writes a lot to get to know their own style. Sure you can read a hundred King novels but you have to develop your OWN style and flair for the written word.

You need to surround yourself with positive people. There is a way to critique someone’s work, and there is a way to put down ones work. The critical masses who enjoy putting other people down and their work, are those who are not comfortable in their own skin. Do you really want that type of person reading your work?

Even parents and family members can be too harsh on you as a writer so it isn’t a good idea to say, "Hey mom, will you read this and tell me what you think?" She will either love it (even if it is terrible) or tell you it needs work because you’re not that good of a writer.

Take a look at your writing carefully. Tell yourself over and over, "I AM a writer!" Then tell yourself, "I am a GOOD writer!" Be honest with yourself without being self-critical. That will defeat the purpose of lifting you higher in the esteem category.

You can become the writer that you’ve always dreamed about as long as you remain high on the self-esteem! Drink it, gulp it down and feel esteem pumping into your veins. (Not to be confused with a big ego.) Then write your heart out! Why? Because YOU ARE A WRITER, My friend.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
Congrats on your 101st post! =)

benning said...

I am a writer! I knew if I said that enough somebody would get it!