Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ He is Risen!

He is Risen
The road long and winding
the cry is loud and clear.
A message came in ample time
The King of Kings is here.

Rejoicing for His coming;
the palms laid at his feet.
He entered the city in triumph
all souls were there to greet.

His life was given over,
the battle not yet won.
Our sins were being beaten from
our God’s own living Son.

The Lord was set upon the cross
while flesh was torn away.
A seat on the throne in heaven
will be given to Him this day.

“Please forgive them Father
for they know not what they do.”
Thunder erupts while rain pours down
Making mankind new.

Three days pass when news has come
He is Risen from the dead!
All the sins have washed away
Our souls have now been fed.

Rejoice in the risen King;
Sing praises for his birth.
In life and death He came to save
all people on this earth!
* * *
Alleluia, He has won it all for me!


Raven said...


I stopped by yesterday to enjoy your Easter poem. It didn't not disappoint. I love coming by to read your inspirational work.

I hope you had a lovely day, surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.


joni said...

Thanks Raven,
I just had to do an Easter poem! :-)

Glad I didn't disappoint! Woohoo!

You might want to stop by the critter room and see what joni's dilemma is now. lol

I do believe it's the never-ending story. :-)

I had a Blessed Easter. I could ask for nothing more than that. :-)