Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poetry Sunday~ Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is
I’m longing to go home;
a place for me to finally
allow my soul to roam.

Home is where the heart is
blossoms always flourish
moistened soil and fragrant air
it’s there my mind will nourish.

Home is where the heart is
this place has passed away
but not for long there is another
that will sweep my life away.

Home is where the heart is
my new family will soar
as long as we take the first steps
and walk right out the door.

My home is where my heart is
It’s with my son and beau.
This place I’m being led to
by God’s own hand I know.


Raven said...

Lovely! And well said. Home really is in the heart and isn't it wonderful who is there when you peek inside it?
I know you're going to be okay, Joni. You understand that,in this life, most things are temporary. I'm reassured by your faith and steadfast courage.

We'll meet up on the other side of this adventure.

Be good.


Lyn Collins said...

Inspiring, Thanks for sharing. It is a reminder of what is important; our family, home, roots, and love for each other. Lyn

joni said...

Thanks ladies for reading and showing, in what I call, a wall of support.

Thanks for visiting Lyn. I hope you come back and enjoy.


joni said...

To Lyn,

I visited your blog and tried to leave a comment, but my computer hangs up on that word verification.

Just know I do read and visit. :-)

and here is the comment I tried to leave:

I had to stop by and visit spring. In North Texas today it is 91 degrees at 5:30 pm.
I always say that Texas has two seasons (fall & summer) But soon, I'm moving to Nebraska where Spring is in full swing and I'll get to enjoy all four seasons!

Happy Spring!