Sunday, April 05, 2009

Poetry Sunday

Our Greatest Love

One love, the greatest love

the sacrificial Son.

He carries us on wayward shores

We’re unified as one.


One love eternal love

our sins have washed away.

Bonding Truth boundless glory,

our Lord has shown the way.


Obedient love embracing love

Our Father, the One to guide us

Faithful servants we become

To Him we sing a chorus!


Ravenne said...

I just got back from an early family Easter dinner. Man, my sister-in-law can bake! I won't be able bend at the waist for at least a week!

A wonderful poem for Holy Week. It gives hope and reminds us all that there is someone always watching over us. I love the picture you chose for it. Perfect!

Thanks Joni.


Moonshooter said...

You are the answer to my 'moot' question. I wish I could put ideas into poetry like you can. But I thank God that you are who you are so I can read it.


Goldie said...

It's a beautiful poem, Joni! Just right for Easter.

joni said...

Bend and lift, bend and lift. lol
Glad you stopped by for your weekly dose of inspiration! :-)

Thank you, you ever so kind man you! :-)

Welcome and I am so glad to have you stop by!!! I hope you peruse all the exceptional links I have. They'll surely get your writing words flowing!
Looking forward to May 20th. Hope to see you there!!!(f2k) :-)