Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Talk-o Tuesday

Talk-o Tuesday Abounds!

Well, I was with his family this weekend and overheard an interesting conversation. The discussion just so happened to be audio books. Comments abounded about how they never thought of listening to an audio book while exercising.

What? Then you’re not reading my blog are you?! Hmmph! How many times have I said over and over that audio books are excellent to listen to while on the treadmill, or stationary bike, where you can listen and workout at the same time? Yeah, I know, numerous. That is why so many of you ran out and bought an MP3 player right?

You visit Audio Book Heaven, get an idea of the book you want to pick out, and why not order it directly from that blog? Wow!

I heard all the pros and cons of why audio books were not good for walking and riding a bike. Not being able to hear the cars coming from behind was one of the major concerns, but then I remembered the benefit of listening while driving, kinda takes your mind off of the other scrambled egg mess you have going on in your brain.

Then there is the benefit of listening while on a plane. Gosh, you can just get swept away in a book and forget about how long the flight is. Audio books are a great form of taking you away to a place you only dreamed of without ever leaving your home, or turning a page! You can’t beat that now can you?

So what are you going to remember? Audio books are good! Joni says so, remember that. Now go enjoy the day and I’ll do the same!


Stormcrow said...

Hmm, what a great idea! What was that audio book blog again?

joni said...

:P HaHa Master Stormcrow!!

June said...

And I plan on checking this out so I can listen to books on the two hour trip to my mom's (and of course two hours back home)!

joni said...

:) He has some awesome reviews June! I think I made a writer out of him. ;)