Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Talk-o Tuesday ~ The Audio Book World

Deut. 4: 14 And the LORD commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and judgments, that ye might do them in the land whither ye go over to possess it.
How many times can I tell you about AudioBook Heaven? “Every Tuesday,” she says with a smile.

You see the audio book industry has something that the regular novel doesn’t. It has 21 st century appeal! By that, I mean there are more young kids not interested in reading books these days, what with all the texting going on in their lives, but an audio book is something they can put on their MP3 player and carry it with them.

I would much rather have a kid who listens to audio books while driving, than have one that texts and listens to loud awful head-banging music. Maybe the parents can get their kids interested in books, by way of the audio industry. Pop a disk into the car console and let him/her read while on the go!

Oprah has a new campaign going on about the “No Phone Zone.” She has a good point here. How many times have you been riding down the road, normal rate of speed, only to be cut off by someone, and you learn the person is on the phone, or trying to text while driving?

Oh this has happened way to many times to me and yeah, I’m as fed up as Oprah on the matter. Thus, I’m promoting Audio Books, in hopes to get people to put the darn phone down and pay attention.

What did we do BEFORE the advent of cell phones? Did we actually wait to get home to see what the wife wanted from the store? Did we NEED to talk on the phone and drive? Did we feel like something was missing from our lives if we didn’t talk and drive?

What on God’s green earth is so important to talk about that you can’t wait until you arrive home? I just don’t get it. Sure the cell is good for EMERGENCIES on the road, but is risking other people’s lives as important as that call?

I’ve had a cell phone for about seven years now. When I’m driving, I NEVER talk on the phone. If I need to call home and ask, “Did you need something, honey?” I make the call parked in the parking lot. If he wants to carry a conversation, I stay parked.

If the phone rings while I’m driving, I let it ring or pull to the side of the road and say, “I’m driving, what’s so important?” Have our lives gotten so hurried that we forget about other people’s lives? Do we have to live in the second/minutes, possibly costing us our eternity?

Choose to listen to an audio book. Choose NOT to answer the phone. CHOOSE LIFE!

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