Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Talk- o Tuesday

The Audio World...

I’m all audio-ed out. Okay that is not a word but you get my meaning. I’ve blogged about audio this and audio that, I’ve driven you across the country with a new way of reading books, I’ve given you links to help you find good reviews in Audio Book Heaven, I’ve guided you to to sites that will allow you to download movies that you can listen to, now I’m audio’ed out.

Is there anything else that I can add to the audio industry to make you understand how technological this stuff is? As I’ve said before, I’m no techie, so all this audio stuff is new to me. Gosh I remember uploading my first picture, it was the coolest thing since playing Scrabble, you know, the board game?

Board games are obsolete, cards on a family night have all but disappeared. Everyone spends time alone, and usually it is on the computer tapping keys, forgetting that a world exists out here.

I’ve never downloaded a single song, I like to use the old CD player for that. Gee, I might have to pull out my record player! A record player to you kids is the thing that those hip hop Dee Jay’s use to make that wicked squeaky sound, but us older folk actually used them to listen to music. Can you imagine that?

There is an audible world that comes alive when you close your eyes, did you know that? The blind have access to the secret dominion, and the sighted take it for granted. In my world where I never aspire to becoming a part of this technological world, I become one with the sounds of life. The hustle and bustle of the chirping birds, the wind dancing through the trees, cars roaring down the road, dove’s singing to their mate. All of this exist in the audible world called life.

So, as much as I want to continue on this Talk-o Tuesday audio stuff, I’m audio’ed out. Back to doing what I do best, writing about writing! Or writing about life and its ever changing aspects and the affect it is having on my life. :)

I’m not tired of writing or life yet. So on we go....:)


Stormcrow said...

Ha ha, you're audio-ed out.

joni said...

I'd rather be audio-ed out than written out, as in 'out of writing'! :P

June said...

Years and years ago I had two roommates (sisters) and both had visual problems, one being legally blind. She used records and later tapes from the Library for the Blind. It was neat listening to her "read" a book or magazine.

That was my first "look" at what/where audio might go.

(And she had a tape player that compressed speech so she could make the take go faster without sounding like Mickey Mouse - I forget what this is called.)

joni said...

I'm amazed at what technology has done for the blind/hearing impaired/disabled (who are able) ;)

Years ago, we wouldn't be talking about books on an MP3, or a movie that you can listen to, there is just so much out there and still a ways to go. But our guys (the genius' who bring us this technology) are all admirable in my eyes. :)