Monday, June 07, 2010

Gen. 1: 22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.
When in doubt, write it out. Hey, that’s mine. *smile*

I always like to write what I’m feeling. I know many of you have a journal that you write in and keep daily tabs on what you’re doing or going through, right?

Journals are important because they walk you through your day- to- day boredom, I mean life, and can get you through some tough times. I’ve had a journal ever since I can remember and still have most of them too, just so I can look back at where I was, where I wanted to go, and where I wound up.

Not always a pleasing sight those journals. The outside covers were beautiful tapestry, but inside on the lined pages is ugly reality. No one ever said reality was appealing, I guess that’s why they dress journals up to look real pretty.

Did you ever notice, or maybe it’s just me, that in your journal, you often write the bad tortuous stuff, and as the book fills out there seems to be more grotesque looking images than beauty? How many of us write every day, just to say, today was a gorgeous uneventful day?

We write about storms sweeping over our houses, but not the blossoms surrounding us. We’ll dictate a happy event with family that we don't live with, but skip the the menial dinner you had with your family at home. We’re unlike the media, in that we decorate our journal with the wrinkled lines of everyone’s face, and never divulge the airbrushed version.

Yesterday as I sat in church, things whipped me in my face and had me scrunching up my nose. Pastor Mike talked about the sanctity of SEX in marriage. Oh dear, a minister speaking about sex? I know a lot of the old timers are thinking, “How could he!” And in his defense, I’ll say, “Very easily.”

God didn’t place Adam and Eve, a man and woman, here on earth, to just look at each other. They were told to go forth and multiply and well, sorry folks, there is only one way to do that. Through the sanctity of marriage, you bring forth fruit.

I respect the man because he took on a difficult subject that, had ministers had the nerve and guts to really do the Lords work, would have delivered the message years ago possibly saving our promiscuous society from a darkened downfall.

He did something I’ve never seen done. He didn’t hide the word SEX, he didn’t cover it up with, “Shhh...we don’t talk about those things.” Instead, he took it head on and gave us a sermon on the WORD! What the BIBLE says about Marriage, SEX, and Singleness.

He didn’t give us an airbrushed version of reality. He didn’t put a dainty little cover around the subject and call it, The Talk. He took a page instead out of God’s journal to US! All of the good and the bad and delivered them to us, with, what else, GRACE!

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